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  1. Szyko

    Season Pass

    It says on multiple websites that the season pass included the Bozak Horde. Example: I couldn't copy paste the link so if it's not working I might've miswritten something. Thank you for your answer tho
  2. Szyko

    Season Pass

    Hi Techland, I've been wondering of what happened with the free season pass to all the players who ordered a Physical copy of the game. I haven't found any page that says you changed it :/ The reason I'm asking is because I can't see it added in the DLC part in Steam when looking at the game, plus Steam offers me to buy it. Just want an answer to this, cause I love the game and want the season pass but I don't want to risk buying something I will get soon. Otherwise, keep up the good work with the game
  3. Szyko


    Hello Techland. I've been wondering why I'm required to have Steam to install and play this game. It bugs me since I'm one of those rare breeds of people that doesn't want to use steam for any game there is. Hate me all you want but I prefer games that doesn't require Steam, Uplay and Origin. Just a plain and simple game that you start without any other programs. I know it's too late to make it happen but I just want an answer why you did it, and did not use your own servers. I looked forward to this game but now that I need steam for it I don't know if I even want to buy it..