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  1. kemical

    New Dlc

    Good question. It say's the DLC is for enhanced edition only. Does this mean we'll miss out even with the season pass? If it's a case of buying the DLC that's fine just as long as we have access. Awesome news by the way!
  2. kemical

    Looking For Tips.

    Opinions are much like a.r.s.e.h.o.l.e.s. and everyone has one...
  3. kemical

    Looking For Tips.

    It can take some time before you really start to get the skills and weapons. Basically pick your fights, do not get surrounded and if in doubt move away. Try and get the camouflage skill as soon as you can as it helps lots when your lock picking police vans and the like. Something I use a lot is the resistance potion especially against enemies with guns. Ok it takes a bit of collecting to get the materials but I now know where the best places are to farm for herbs, which map and even the best time to collect certain items like underwater algae (best time is at night as you can see the algae far better as it glows in the dark hence you find more). You'll get the skills and recipe's as you level up and the areas for each herb can be located on the map. It can be a lifesaver at times especially playing nightmare mode.
  4. kemical

    Ok So I Lost The Gold Buggie ?

    Shame you missed the bounty but we were discussing it in the forums for at least a few days and technically it's not really Techlands fault you missed it. If you haven't already why don't you sign up for the email notifications? I originally found out through my email so they are handy and worth signing up for. You never know Techland may release the skin eventually but to just hand it out because someone missed the event kinda makes mockery of those who took part and got the amazing number of over 18 million I might add..
  5. kemical

    What Is Your Preferred Weapon?

    My fav's... Military Machete Climbers Pick Crossbow Stamping Sledgehammer
  6. Oh well.. Maybe in the future huh? Thanks for the heads up..
  7. kemical

    New Patch 1.11.1

    I did get a freeze when disabling chromatic abberation. I eventually had to do a hard shutdown but game has been fine since.
  8. kemical

    New Patch 1.11.1

    Dying Light STEAM page has news.... Much thanks Techland! Great to see that your dedicated to this game and it's continuation. You have a real pearl of a game here.. Reference:
  9. As the title suggests I will want to create a new game in 'The following' once I finish the original game on new game plus nightmare mode. I do of course already have a save connected with 'The Following' as I've already completed it on Hard. The only option I get with this is to restart from a certain quest point. I want to start a new game plus on nightmare mode. Any help is appreciated.
  10. kemical

    Gold Buggy Paint Job

    It's out! So after all that we got two paint jobs... Nice job Techland and a big thanks too for organising the event.
  11. kemical

    Gold Buggy Paint Job

    Techland Tweeted it will be released soon. See the bottom of this thread:
  12. Techland tweeted that the Gold skin will be 'unlocked soon':
  13. I did a Google search on the community bounty just to see if anything had been written about it and this article does seem to confirm (this isn't the only one either) that one had to simply take part in order to get the Gold paint job:
  14. Same here. I also checked the STEAM forums and it seems everyone has the 'Little Rising Sun' paint job (which to be honest isn't all that great) and various weapons. I received an orange stamping sledge hammer which I actually like so I'm happy about the weapon but where's the promised paint job? It could be that the user with the most zombies run over gets the gold paint job but if that's the case then it could have been made a little clearer. I thought one had to simply take part in order to get the gold paint? Here's the wording from the bounties web page: REWARDSTake part in the event to receive a Special Weapon Docket Help the community reach the goal of 5 million zombies smashed to win the Gold Buggy paintjob