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    Preventing the 2012 zombie apocalypse.

    Update: Apocalypse averted. You're damn welcome.
  1. seanconnery

    Question From The Devs

    Co-op on hard mode with friends from the beginning of the game.
  2. seanconnery

    The "museum"

    Hahahaha. I mean I hear people tune out at the museum but geeze.
  3. Who knows. Maybe kyle swallowed it like in prison. For call we know he could have a BM and save the day. This makes not falling even more important.
  4. seanconnery

    The "museum"

    Yes. The museum is plot specific.
  5. Or there is a secret hidden plot where if you're careful and don't fall down too hard(since we know falling smashing antizin bottles per opening sequence) that you still have the antizin later on and are able to use it ;P
  6. seanconnery

    A Suggestion About Quaratine Zones

    I think every time a quarantine zone is completed, the difficulty should go up on it (more zombies? different kinds? stronger?). And at a certain level of difficulty, a new blueprint or collectible can be found somewhere within. It should also scale with the number of players that enter. Where they are actually difficult and expected that you'd be level 25 to complete at the highest difficulty pass.
  7. seanconnery

    Wait A Second!

    If you're on pc there is a mod that unlocks it. The devs apparently cut it from the game. It didn't look as polished either.
  8. It's common to keep coffee in the fridge or freezer. It keeps it fresh! So, clearly, Harranians enjoy FRESH coffee. Personally? When I'm out scouting for coffee, I only keep the coffee from the fridges. The ones I find in boxes I sell There's nothing like a nice cup of fresh hot coffee after a long night. Almost smells as good as burning volatiles running away in the morning sun.
  9. seanconnery

    What?! New Zombie Type!

    Looks like you found the source of the Harran Virus
  10. I think the mini map shouldn't exist for New Game+ At this point, you're already familiar with the maps and game dynamics. At best, maybe they leave a compass with a destination dot and distance (like the current orange destination marker, just with no map or any other marks)
  11. Sorry, you can't fix one problem with another problem. It sucks for you. But the exploit fix is not personal. You just think you're entitled to it because they screwed you over with the save game bug. I'm not going to say you're entitled to a fix, restore or something. But the exploit bug isn't it. It's a bad mentality to get into even for lots of people in society in real life. As for fixing the save game bug first, there are two very important reasons why it was high priority: 1) It was a very easy fix. Reproducible and fixable without much testing needed after to release it. The save game bug was likely a trickier fix or had multiple facets. Plus would require more testing to make sure it didn't break anything else or even work at all. Or even getting it to reproduce properly and getting logs to diagnose would take more time. 2) Dupe glitches hurt multiplayer loot games. Not only does the cheat affect you, but then everyone else you play with. Since one probably drops your items for others or tell them about it as well. Dying light isn't the best example of dupe being a huge problem but in any loot based game it's on the high priority list to fix. It ruins the system. I'm not making excuses for bugs that shouldn't have even been there in the first place, just applying some basic logic to why things are the way they are right now in this situation. I cross my fingers every time I load up the game at this point.....
  12. seanconnery

    Gre Website?

    This is bothering me. I need to know the login!
  13. seanconnery

    Worst Pre-Order Bonuses Ever.

    I'll give you that it takes awhile to get. But I have so many crafting materials now I could make 10 crowbars into punk queens. The recipe isn't too hard is my point. And it does look cool as well. I think you're supposed to keep a few weapons on hand. Crappier ones for taking out the riff raff, and save hits on your better ones for when you need it or at night time. By the time the punk queen runs out, there's a decent chance of finding another crowbar and all the materials to make another.
  14. seanconnery

    Review: Dying Light

    Thanks for the review Wolfmeister. Also two things that might help you out: 1) Look up disabling film grain. 2) Look up SweetFX on DSOGAMING. It looks like this modification increases the color profile and some sharpness. Sounds right up your alley. I have not tried these myself, so I cannot say, but from the results they show it does sound promising.
  15. seanconnery

    Another Can I Run It, Sorry

    Actually can I run it makes more sense after release;P