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  1. BeyondSpectrality

    Will The Game Ever Be Released Onto Mac Or Apple Products?

    I asked the devs awhile ago and they said that they don't have any plans to do so at this time.
  2. BeyondSpectrality

    Be The Zombie With Digital Download?

    You're fine.
  3. BeyondSpectrality

    I Need Proper Weapons Pls!

    I would also like to point out that you'll have 2-4 Volatiles on you if you fire a gun at night. So I would say the penalty at night is pretty scary. During the day though? EASPECIALLY mid to late game, meh.
  4. BeyondSpectrality


    In the Slums find one of the bigger zombies at the gas plant and one of them should have a wrench. I want to further this by saying I'm not talking about a Goon. There are four main types of infected before you get into the specials. Normal, big normal, flaming, and Viral. I'm talking about the big normals. Smaller than the goons but bigger than other norms.
  5. BeyondSpectrality

    Please Turn Off Melee Auto Aim...

    It only auto-aims when a Zombie lunges at you. If you have the slide that breaks legs when you hit your melee button this challenge is cake.
  6. BeyondSpectrality

    Sniper Rifle?

    Nope, no location. It just has two renders of the shotguns and says something different than Double Barreled Shotgun. I can take a pic when I get home.
  7. BeyondSpectrality

    Weapons That The Dying Light Wiki Says Are In The Game

    The Wiki is made by fans, not developers. The Official Prima Strategy Guide has a very different list than that wiki.
  8. BeyondSpectrality

    Flashlights And Zombie

    They can spot you faster/easier when you have it on, but it's only you. The beam of the flashlight doesn't botger them at all. With your flashlight off their detection meter goes up much slower than when it's on (from equal distances away, obviously the closer you get the faster it goes up as well).
  9. BeyondSpectrality

    Sniper Rifle?

    There's also a pump action Shotgun if the Strategy Guide is to be believed.
  10. BeyondSpectrality

    No Blocking...., Zombie "stumble" And Human Npc Op

    A heavy weapon like a Sledge Hammer works great for large groups. Guns are harder to find, but even though they are loud I don't stick around after killing Rais' men because it's usually for a Air Drop or random event.
  11. BeyondSpectrality

    Nice Update!

    So excited for when I get home! I did some manual fixes and got it running at 20-60. Hopefully this will get me into that perfect zone of 40-60 ;D
  12. BeyondSpectrality

    No Blocking...., Zombie "stumble" And Human Npc Op

    I don't have any issues with humans. I hold them up with a pistol, 3 or 4 bullets and you're done. If you don't have molotovs a well placed slide and stomp works. If you don't have that, just use a knife, then kick them and slice. I have 47 Medkits....Also sleeping refills your health. As for the biters, kicking them works great. Better than melee for the grapple. Also, there is a grapple move specifically designed to use the Biter's momentum and knock them away.
  13. BeyondSpectrality

    Nice Update!

    did this update come out today?
  14. BeyondSpectrality

    Blood & Gore A Joke! Worse Than In Di, Next Gen Lol

    Caine...don't be a troll, please. I am feeding this topic for discussion. I said I would take pictures of the gore and post them here to show off the variety of the engine. Not have you slam Every picture, make whole new posts, and bash them because they don't fit your specific complaints. So don't think that I am daft to your posts, I am merely trying to achieve a perspective on the gore system and what it is capable of. I respect your opinion and am sorry you don't like what Techland has done with Dying Light. Please don't bash my constructive posts with nonsense. I want to create a debate, not have my posts scrutinized because they aren't what you're talking about. K thanks bye. - On a more constructive note I found out that you can cut off hands last night. Funny to watch a Zed run at you with bleeding stumps! I'll try and get some screenshots tonight.
  15. BeyondSpectrality

    Blood & Gore A Joke! Worse Than In Di, Next Gen Lol

    Here are a few more, I modded my game to look better and what not. So here we are at 1680x1050. And here before the King your punishment shall be served. Die as you lived, with honor to your King: - There are two sides to every coin: - Aimless she shall wander without purpose and without heart, forever I curse thee: - So a wonderful posed body and a vertical slice in half are all I got worth showing tonight. Still have a lot more to cover. On a happy note, although the zombies only have about 10 faces total (not including special infected. Their body types and clothes get more varied as you progress. Still loving the game even if the graphics aren't quite as good and it doesn't have the same level of gore.