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  1. violentbydesign

    List Of Glitched Trophies And Achievements

    Same thing is happening to me on PC so I don't think this is just a console issue anymore.
  2. violentbydesign

    Techland Is Making Dmca Claims Against Mods!

    Ahem... Warner Brothers not Techland. Don't be so quick to lash out.
  3. violentbydesign

    One Flaw That Kills The Game

    Heh. I would say the game is perfect right in the beginning. Taking on a lot of zombies will quickly get you killed if your not careful and night is outright fatal if you don't avoid the Volitiles. Now that I've 100% the campaign (working on side stuff atm) I can run around swinging my Katana at night making the Volitiles my chupacabra. I can still get overwhelmed if I'm not paying attention.
  4. Up to 40 hours played, just finished the game and working on the side quests and such. I have only had the game crash twice, I guess I'll consider myself lucky. But then again, between three other friends they've had the game crash only a few times. I've enjoyed Dying Light. It's a great game, performance could be improved upon and it probably will. I don't Think Techland will let this game go to waste. People claiming Techland imposed DMCA for cheaters. SMH. Techland even came out and said it was never their intention and they're working a patch to allow modding again. Grow up dudes.
  5. violentbydesign

    Legendary Airstrike Blueprint

    Good find. Too bad me and my friends chupacabra around too much, only at 15% story with like 20 some hours played. >.<
  6. violentbydesign


    I do agree about the firecracker/trap part. For the volitiles I think they only way they should be stuned/distracted is through either the UV light or the flares. They should ignore other traps. And the vans are good sources for items. I think it would be neat if the police vans/cars would randomly generate and take place of standard cars to avoid farming. But of course if you don't want to ruin the gameplay don't try and break it (just my opinion, me and my friends try to avoid situations like that). It's the tall bridge where you can jump from at night for the achievement. Quickly looked up a map and edited with a red circle to denote the area. If you don't want to know the locations of the journals don't look at the map. *spoilers*
  7. violentbydesign

    Is There Easy Mode ?

    Sorry only one difficulty. Although once you progress through the game it gets easier.
  8. Knocked the eyeballs out of a zombies skull last night with a bat. Strangly he could still see me... must have smelt my blood! I'm sure if we give it a bit more time some people playing with the files will find a way to use higher textures for zombies.
  9. violentbydesign

    On A Positive Note

    Had to look that one up. lol Yeah me and my friends have been enjoying it throughly. Game mechanics are solid and it's so much fun literally knocking the eyeballs out of a zombies head with a bat. Looking towards the patch for some extra performance.
  10. violentbydesign

    Techland: Will You Please Patch In...?

    Agreed. Shield is nice, especially once you get timed block but it's not like we use the right mouse button for anything else. It would be perfect for block. Or how about this... you can block with a melee weapon holding RMB but your weapon takes damage. If you time the block the weapon takes no damage and it reposites the enemy. There now we have a good mechanic that rewards good players.
  11. violentbydesign

    No Blocking...., Zombie "stumble" And Human Npc Op

    Well that's a bad solution. It's not like we're using anything on the right-mouse button anyways when wielding a one handed weapon. And it's odd that it's the same as a throwable (middle mouse button). Between me and my friends, the best solution is to just whip out a gun and shoot them in the face. chupacabra melee against infinite parry/dodgers. Edit: I can't say scr.ew? Odd filter.
  12. violentbydesign

    Resizebuffers Failed, Cant Play In Game. Help Me

    I haven't experienced this yet but reading that error in the lower right (first pic) is generally due to a driver crash, not so much with the game. Have you tried using different drivers? Try using an older driver. I'm using 344.75 without issues. The core game is pretty solid. I haven't had many issues yet, just some hilarious bugs but I do hope they work out the CPU issues going on this weekend.
  13. violentbydesign

    Another Crappy Pc Port.

    At the moment I don't think anybody knows. They announced it around 6am this morning, so maybe by the weekend? As for the topic, yeah it's a bit buggy at the moment. I've had to modify some files to remove film grain and CA (We have eyeballs, not cameras! Stop doing this developers! Give us an option.) work around with the CPU affinity trick and lower the view distance a touch. Sitting with an i5-3570k @ 4.5Ghz and a GTX 980 I normally sit at 60 frames the entire time. I do however from time to time dip into the low 40s. From what I can tell (and what was mentioned in the patch announcment) is that the issues are pointed to the CPU. If I drop my CPU down to stock I lose at least 20 FPS.
  14. violentbydesign

    About The Fps Drops (Devs)

    Your bottleneck (or perhaps the game's bottleneck) is the CPU. The difference isn't the GPU. This game is very CPU intensive as I've been learning. My GTX 980 barely breaks a sweat but even my i5-3570k cranked up to 4.5Ghz is being pushed to the edge. If I reduce my speed to stock I take a big performance hit. Right now I would put the blame on physics calculations. That needs to be cleaned up.
  15. violentbydesign

    Extremely Poor Performance, Unplayable.

    "are the developers deleting comments about the broken game?" Well that's a great way of getting the devs undivided attention. I'm sure they're working on it as well as other things. Until we hear from Techland nobody will know. It would help if you posted your video settings. Turning up viewing distance to anything above 50% is asking for trouble, even for SLI/CROSSFIRE users.