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  1. NetoJON

    Need Confirmation About The New Patch

    no patch for xbox one yet =(
  2. NetoJON

    Master Scavenger Skin

    delete and install it again
  3. NetoJON

    Flying Stuff Bug

    So.. sometimes in the game... I see in mid air.. a zombie... a bush... something there... just standing ir the air like there was an invisible floor there.. dont know if you are aware of this.. I am playing on Xbox One
  4. NetoJON

    Be The Zombie Issues/suggestion

    no no no.. no..... no... 4 zombies?... its always 1 zombie... the humans can be 1 2 3 or 4
  5. NetoJON

    Be The Zombie Issues/suggestion

    I dont have mutch problem with this mode... Maybe you guys dont know how to play with it yet... He is not weak! But vs 4 player or 3 its a little bit impossible if the team stays together... So I believe a new skill or something to get the team separeted will solve the problem Well at least changing the uv range... So we can actualy spit on them without being hit by 4 uvs
  6. NetoJON

    Be The Zombie Not Connecting To Games

    they are working on a patch right now... but the 1v1 thing... you will only play 4vs1 if the player is with a coop party... and it can be 1 2 3 or 4 against a hunter.. what I have seen is while they are at a safe house and me (as the hunter) outside... they call their friends to join... and suddenly is 4 vs 1... witch was bad for me xD
  7. NetoJON

    Be The Zombie

    omg;; yeah.. lol I laughed so hard right now... indeed... can't be the zombie mode... I hope its playable after patch
  8. NetoJON

    Be The Zombie?

    The problem is... no dev is explaining this to us... Because they made this forum but they are ignoring this problem... if the server is fine them they have to change matchmaking because this way is unplayable... I got to play 4 times now... out of the 300 times I tried... if thts not an issue I dont know what it is... well I gess Ill just have to wait to play evolve... that was a perfect 4 vs 1 pvp... I love the be the zombie too.. but.. sadly.. you know
  9. NetoJON

    This Forun Is Useless!

    They say to come here to tell them our problems with the game... but they dont give us any kind of feedback.. or at the very least... tell us that they are looking to solve the problems we post... so why have this forum ? ¬¬ when I say I cant find a match in be the zombie mode... just total silence and I know there are a lot of other issues with the game... but I am as important as any other.. because I paid too for the game... I deserve an answer.. but I know this will be too me talking to myself anyway.. GG Techland or what the hell is responsable for this
  10. NetoJON

    Be The Zombie Mode - A Bit Disappointing

    maybe it isnt the players quitting.. maybe its a problem with techland server... but I agree with all you have said
  11. NetoJON

    Be The Zombe Can Hardley Get Into A Game

    this doesnt make any sense... I can find a lot of games.. but my game simply fail to join
  12. NetoJON

    Be The Zombe Can Hardley Get Into A Game

    I want to know why that happens too... im playing on Xbox 1...
  13. NetoJON

    Be The Zombie?

    Yes... but I dont know if it is just the fear.. because its like.. every time his happens... every time... I tried out like... 300 times... I just got to play it the first time... that was like 3 hours before the us release... (because im in brazil)... after that... not one time... so if everyone is afraid and leaving the invasion.. something should be done.. like.. some penalty for leaving the invasion when it was on in the first place... temporary bans or whatever... but its so anoying to have such a good mode... and not be able to play it... I realy hope this is some issue with their servers... because that can be fixed Oh im playing on xbox 1
  14. NetoJON

    Be The Zombie?

    T-T some people can play it... I dont knwo whats happening
  15. NetoJON

    Be The Zombie?

    oh god.. ty... that is whats happening to me.. so its not just me =D