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  1. I seem to be agreeing with much of your posts lately Wolfman so my hat is off to you sir. The base game of Dying Light is actually quite enjoyable and there are parts where I can see the care and attention-to-detail that I would expect from Techland. Old Town feels a lot like Henderson from Dead Island Riptide, the shacks in The Slums are reminiscent of Moresby in Dead Island as well as how the Fishing Village is also like the beach bungalows in Dead Island. Let's not forget that the quarantine zones are also like those found in Dead Island Riptide except without a unique boss to defeat. I have not played the DLC's though mostly because as a non-season pass holder they simply don't have enough content to get me to open my wallet and spend $10. The Horde looks like the worst and least reminiscent of Dead Island that has come now. I'm not sure if Techland is being pressured by WB Games or not Dying Light though has moved away from Dead Island and is now more of a Far Cry zombie clone and I'm honestly not a fan of Far Cry. The first notice of this is when you have to run out of Rais' area and all his goons are shooting you, or when you have to detonate the bomb and get out before it explodes in your face (not to mention you have to do this also for a side quest). The Horde also seems to pressure players more to play co-op. 'Team up with your friends, beat the Horde and get the bow!' Sorry Techland, you may have just lost a customer with me there. While I understand your comparison with Red Dead Redemption (I have it myself), the game I would choose is Fallout 3, I've only played one of the three DLC's and didn't have to play it with friends to get the goods (I don't even think Fallout 3 has co-op), however; that one DLC would be worth $10 to me if I had paid for it (I own the GOTY Edition). Not only was Operation Anchorage fun (A neat change from the wasteland) it also gave me quite a cache of weapons/armor for completing it (Power Armor Training, unique winterized power armor suit, Chinese Stealth Armor, just to name a couple). My suggestion to all game developers is that multiplayer doesn't always equal fun just like punishing repetition doesn't equal more content. And just like SHN147 if had been an extra explorable area just with a lot of zombies and with it's own collectibles telling about stadium the people that were there and how it came to come into the control of Bozak. What about it's own quarantine zones as well? So you would have it's own version of underground parking, maybe a locker room area and then the arena proper. Way off topic here: Am I the only one who wanted to play as Jade? Her character has more development, more consistency and more badassery than Kyle Crane does.
  2. Azru007

    I Want My Bow!

    I remember when I first saw the trailer for 'new stuff coming to Dying Light' back before the Horde and we first saw a glimpse of the bow. I also remember just how many players were on the forums asking for 'bow' or 'crossbow' either way it's a string you pull back of a stealthy projectile weapon that you let fly and headshot a zombie. Awesome for crits and giggles right? Seems to harken of the days of Skyrim and using the bow there (and I do, a lot, actually anytime I have a range/stealth advantage) Then I watch the trailer for the Horde and okay so it's DLC that just seems to be the norm now and then I see that not only do you need the DLC you also need to beat the Horde in order to get the bow. Wait, what? So as a single-player with fairly poor internet I'm basically SOL when it comes to getting the bow, right? Apparently so. I'm overall very disappointed with Techland with this decision and I agree that a 'gold' bow should be rewarded to the players who beat the Horde after all judging by how difficult it is (both in finding, coordinating with friends/randoms and then actually beating it) they've earned it. Congratulations to you! Now how about a regular bow for those of us who buy the DLC? I'd pay $10 just for a regular bow.
  3. Azru007

    Buff Guns. This Is Getting Ridiculous.

    I'm also in agreement with you Wolfman. It's also not only the damage it's the variety of guns available to us in Dying Light. There's two pistol variants: American and German 9mm There's two rifle variants: Police and Military There's one shotgun: Double-Barrel And there's one more, I don't recall it at this time my apologies. This is ridiculous in comparison to the variety in Dead Island. There's four pistol variants: revolver, magnum, 9mm and .50 Desert Eagle There's three shotgun variants: pistol grip, folding stock and fixed stock There's three rifle variants (with between 6-8 different cosmetic difference): single-shot, burst and auto Guns were even expanded on in Dead Island Riptide. Harpoon gun Taser Sniper Rifle It seems to me like an enormous step back. I do quite enjoy how gunfire attracts virals as well as the impact your shots have on the walking dead though was quite disappointed that the same impact isn't the same on the hostile humans. Meaning that if I shoot them in the leg they still keep running while at the same time if I shoot at a zombie's legs (especially using the double-barrel shotgun) one or both legs are blown off. Not only are guns severely underpowered and the variety of them leaves much to be desired there's also no way to modify them with attachments such as silencers (was definitely hoping so on this since it's mentioned at the beginning of the game to silence your weapon so the big bad zombies don't run and see what's causing all the noise).
  4. Azru007

    Dying Light Soundtrack Giveaway

    Thank you Michal and congratulations fellow winners! I also vote yes to there being more competitions!
  5. Azru007

    Dying Light Soundtrack Giveaway

    Thinking I was safe for a moment to have a drink of Sprite. First night out not exactly safe Spotted and ran like a madman I did Barely escaped having three behind me Reached for the Sprite then thought again "Think I'll just play Dying Light" for my rushes. The End (Hm perhaps the contest should be 'no less than 37 words? That seems really short, honestly! In case my entry is disqualified because it's over 37 words I'll try again) I used to drink Sprite to wake up and now I just play Dying Light, being chased at nighttime gives such an adrenaline boost I'll never need Sprite again.
  6. Azru007

    Day And Night Cycle Recomendation

    My impression is that the developers WANT to trap you out on a mission at night otherwise we could just hole up when the sun goes down and LOL at the zombies outside and wait for the sunrise to continue our missions during the day. So I'm also curious about the day/night cycle because if the night is as action packed and tense as the videos portray it's going to burn out even the most hardcore gamer .... just like a book or movie that's always in a state of climax. Unless we get the Chinese Stealth Suit (Fallout 3) with a Crossbow (BioShock) to handle ourselves at night? No? Alrighty then I'm in the boat of thirty minutes of daylight and twenty-minutes of night.
  7. Once again I agree with you Han. 1.) Scrap the UV light entirely while it's an interesting gadget it's not particularly useful as you said it doesn't shine that brightly. Instead I'd like to suggest that if the 'Hunter' is shined on face-to-face with the flashlight that they're blinded so the 'Hunter' player has to jump away there could be a stunned/slowed/DoT mechanic to this for the moment I want to keep it simple. This would encourage the ambush/hit-and-run attacks by the player 'Hunter' and keep the player on their toes for watching their back or in co-op to encourage the cooperation in watching each others backs. 2.) I also don't see the point of the hives if the invader is just going to defend it should just be a 'to the death' being defender and invader, no extra mechanic needed.
  8. Azru007

    Be The Zombie Mode (Hunter)

    As a single-player gamer I have to say that it has no special appeal to me and it also means you won't be ruining my day Hanyolo. On the other hand I'm intrigued so I will most likely pre-order because you just never know and I think I will have more fun invading than being invaded.
  9. Holy Timing, Batman! I logged back online just five minutes ago. Watching it now.
  10. Expanded open world, underwater swimming, player customization (which I hope we'll still be able to do in single-player). Am I the only morbid person who chuckled when all the zombies spotted the player and he said "Oh, f*ck"? Now for the questions: How was the already large open world expanded exactly? Does it mean being able to access more buildings in search of loot and/or quest objectives and probably jump scares? Underwater swimming actually looks quite extensive is there going to be some sort of breath bar and will there be scuba type equipment to stay underwater longer?
  11. I agree with you Hanyolo, there's no comparison both games will be awesome in their own ways. Add Hellraid into the mix and it's going to be a great year for gaming in 2015.
  12. Azru007

    Questions From The Developers To You

    I should like to expand on my post since after reading Royal Palms Resort Guide and Katsu I do not feel that mine is clear and detailed enough to be helpful to the developers. 1.) Playstyle: I said 'Strength' in my above post and I should like to clarify that it doesn't mean that I would discount or not use Agility. I found it really amusing in the gameplay videos when the player would grab a zombie and shove it behind them and off a high ledge something which I would also do. For the most part I tend to 'stand and fight' in the games I play and what I liked about Dead Island/Riptide was that while you could do that you had to be very strategic about it and know the type of enemy(ies) you were fighting to dispatch them quickly and move on. 2.) Weapon Suggestions: Royal Palms Resort Guide made me realize that I had left out one of my favorite weapon suggestions: A two-handed Scythe such as one often carried by Death, I'd like to see this in Dying Light. Also explosives, you showed firecrackers as a distraction what would a grenade do? Would it damage as well as distract. Let's talk about guns; I agree with Katsu that they should jam, perhaps have a condition to them tied to each time you fire it and once it gets low enough there would be a chance it will jam. Also reload in Dead Island/Riptide the reloads are extremely fast, I'd like to see a much slower reload going through all the clicks and slides and working mechanisms of a firearm before it could be fired. 3.) Favorite Enemies: This is more directed at Royal Palms Resort Guide than the Developers. The 'child zombie' seen seems to have taken the place of the Screamer as far as I could tell and I agree I found the Screamer to be very annoying not to mention capable of hitting very hard. And since this game has more of everything the one thing it doesn't need is the Screamer or another type of zombie that attracts them en masse. 4.) Difficulty: I stand by what I said before and being as how you have many gamers of different play styles and thoughts of enjoyment in playing a game the best solution would be to give us many options and let us choose. Unless and again as Royal Palms Resort Guide said death is inconsequential (except maybe on the 'one life' type of difficulty) and you lose just a fraction of your money. As I said in other threads the static difficulty in Dead Island/Riptide was perfect you were barely one step ahead of the foes you were facing. Although I'm not entirely sure how that forumla works here given the nighttime madness and greater number of zombies that are present. 5.) Other Suggestions: Katsu mentioned 'materials' which gave me an idea to suggestion that weapons be repaired with materials instead of money and that weapons could be broken down into materials. Not only repaired but also upgraded with said materials. For example a bladed weapon would require metal to repair if it has a flame mod it would also require lighter fluid and electric would require wires. Another example would be a baseball bat and let's say it's made out of wood then it would require wood if it had nails then it would require either metal or nails to repair it. Once again I found in Dead Island/Riptide that items for modifications and cash were in very high abundance and didn't and still haven't used more than maybe a small fraction. If something like this were to be implemented then I think cash would be used to buy materials and ammunition, however; weapons would have to be found 'out in the world' therefore encouraging exploration rather than staying in one area (if that's possible) and just grinding the cash on large packs of zombies to buy a weapon. 6.) Closing Remarks: Credit given to Royal Palms Resort and Katsu both in the format used and the ideas and suggestions I either forgot or had while reading their wonderfully clear and descriptive posts. Thank you. Once again I'm truly looking forward to Dying Light and to see what ideas made it into the final game. While it is coming out on previous gen console I am hopeful to get it on the X1 as I believe it's one of those kind of games that could only be most enjoyed with the newer hardware. Thank you for your reading.
  13. Azru007

    Questions From The Developers To You

    I should like to express my love for Techland again and for asking it's players for feedback. +1 and take my money! 1.) Strength 2.) I'd like to see more sword-type weapons 3.) I'm really curious about the newly infected. In one of the gameplay videos from E3 you're able to lure zombies to attack hostile survivors so does that mean when you venture back there those survivors will have turned into zombies? Also since they looked like heavily equipped mercenaries would they be impervious to gunshots? My favorite? Probably the walkers and again curious about all the kinds of variety that there'll be. 4.) The latter, I enjoy open-world games (Fallout 3) and have the most fun exploring, finding unique weapons and collectibles such as recordings and letters. I believe that you allowed us to choose our difficulty setting that every gamer and the style they would play can have their cake and eat it too. The following is how I would give the players options: Casual - For solo players or multiplayers who just want to explore and see the story unfold at a liesurely pace. Nighttime would continue to be a challenge and standing up and fighting through it is not recommended. Normal - Default level for multiplayers and an extra challenge for solo players. Players have slightly less health and enemies hit a little harder. Insane - Recommended for the true hardcore solo gamer and multiplayers. Players have half the health they would in casual, enemies hit like a tank. Daytime is a quarter shorter and nighttime is a quarter longer. Good Night - Most recommended for a full group of hardcore multiplayers. Players have a quarter health, enemies even the biters can kill a player in just a few hits. Daytime acts as though it's winter and so very short while nighttime is just as much longer. Even though I would probably fall in the Casual - Normal side of difficulty (I play games for fun, not for the challenge) I definitely wouldn't mind if those gamers whose fun is the challenge got something awesome for completing the game on higher difficulties whether that be achievements/trophies, mods, or weapons they've rightfully earned them.
  14. Azru007

    What Are Your Expectations?

    Again you bring up a good point. Especially at night it would be much much more difficult to lose a zombie once it spots you it should run after you until you enter a 'safe house' or you kill it. Therefore with more people it would still be more dangerous as more people means more zombies means more chance of being spotted and those zombies alerting other zombies I imagine it would be a fun kind of chaos. Of course that is if multiplayer is your thing and even though I am a single player I think all gamers should have fun regardless if they're playing alone or with friends. I'm not entirely sure I agree with bringing AI mechanics to Hellraid. Although it could be interesting and I take it you mean the more aggressive? I've seen some of their developer's diaries and in one they talked about how mobs will taunt and flank you. All in all 2015 looks to be a great year for zombie related games.
  15. Azru007

    What Are Your Expectations?

    I can agree with you on that sir. Although hasn't it already been said that guns are in although not plentfiul and they currently don't have any plans to implement a crossbow? I like the crossbow idea because it goes hand-in-hand with the grappling hook. What I also expect is that single player is just as focused on as multiplayer. I really liked how balanced it was in Dead Island/Riptide in that when you had more players the zombies got stronger so the content was handle-able by the solo man and the team. I'm hoping to see that kind of balance in Dying Light. I'd also like to see the slow-motion knife kill effect that we saw in the E3 2014 trailer that looked incredible!