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  1. Shakaron

    Dying Light Cheat Codes

    Hi! I did not consider this aspect. You are right. If your level is shared between co-op and single player, then it can be unfair against others that you could level up faster (in single mode with the cheats) and join the co-op later on. Though, it is only an issue for the first week of the game, isn't it? Later on there will be players who will just have started the game (because they will not have bought it earlier) --> Level 1 and those who already finished it (say Level 30) as they pre-ordered it or bought it on day 1. So after a while using a single player cheat to level up faster will not give you advantage compared to those who bought the game earlier. I think it's up to the game to find and put players together of similar levels or it is your responsibility when you invite/let players join your game. As for spawned weapons... I think you just shouldn't carry over weapons between different games and problem solved. Or mark spawned weapons as "local only", so everything will be carried over but them. Peace
  2. Shakaron

    Dying Light Cheat Codes

    LOL You guys don't understand what Buc is talking about. The "cheat codes" he mentions is for single player, not adopted in multiplayer therefore you can't use them to ruin other players game. And if you prefer playing like a GOD or you are just stuck, you can use them. (Last time I used cheat codes it was in StarCraft 1 more than 10 years ago. And as it had to be, you could only use it in single player.) As for trainers... they are hacks and exploits made by 3rd parties. Cheat Codes are made by the developers, so they are safe to use. So please don't give misleading information and bad advice. C'mon, don't be ignorant. It can be useful for some. If you don't like them, don't use them! I think he had a fair question after all. (Though I totally agree that these codes kill fun and challenge, but it is everyone's own play through, so who are we to tell someone else what is fun and what is not?!) Peace
  3. Question already asked (and answered by community) here:
  4. Shakaron

    Who The Hell Is This Guy?!

    This might be fake. S/he might be a tester/developer. The achievement has to be tested too (can be acquired, they are displayed correctly, stored on XBOX, PS, Steam, etc.)
  5. I've seen companies selling the physical media on a lower price than the digital distribution on Steam. Usually one can register a game with Steam (with the product key) and it would work just as if you had bought it on Steam. However, it is not always guaranteed. Could you (Techland) please confirm weather I can register my physical media to Steam with the product key and from then on I will be able to play the game on Steam with the rest of the Steam user (single and multiplayer)? If that is not possible, can I still play with the rest of the PC users or with just the users who have the same physical media (e.g. there are different servers for Steam and non-Steam users)? I read in another discussion that cross-platform multiplayer is not going to happen, but I hope at least the PC users won't be separated. Well, maybe based on region. If I buy a game in a different country (still within the EU) can I register it with Steam / use it in another country (still within EU)? Thank you and looking forward to have the game.