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  1. The PS4 is infested with modified items that are ruining the PvP experience. Players are using INFINITE AND SEMI INFINITE UV light (it's the same uv light as the btz lobby and uv light from the main game but Gold and with elemental effects) golden infinite hooks, crossbow with infinite ammo and golden flares 1 hit kills nests, orange flares that last longer duration and flares with infinite duration, SMGs, Shotguns, pistols, bow with high damage 30k and meele weapons above 60k damage. There are still thousands of other non-legitimate items being shared within the game. They are modifying the saves by the "Save wizard" program, they bring everything from the PC and try to reproduce it on PS4, so they share ... There are also items created and shared on PS4 Jailbreak. Recently the BTZ update is great, but it is impossible to play because of these items that are ruining the PVP experience.
  2. Carlinhos_ZL

    ZOMBIEFEST #3!!!

    we could have hypermode again like zombiefest 3
  3. Carlinhos_ZL

    Message To Devs

    the pvp is broken after reaching infinite uv, gold flare that destroys the nest, infinite hooks, meele weapons hit kil virals, among others.
  4. Carlinhos_ZL

    Field of View (FOV) customizable for consoles

    It would be great to have at least 20% more fov.