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  1. Nosforatu75

    Anyone Want A Survivor Bundle Dlc? (Ps4)

    I am interested in it. Thanks
  2. Why are we constantly having all these spam posts? Very irritating to say the least. Can the mods do an IP block on these people?
  3. Nosforatu75

    Stuck At Survivor Level 24

    Interesting. Why are some people having the Survivor Level 25 issue and others are not. I for one have reached level 25 with no issues. I do not however play online yet and I have my online turned off. Could the glitch be some issue with online use as well? I know that Battlefield 4 had an issue with online vs campaign. If you started the campaign and progressed and then played online, it would wipe out any saved game data for your campaign. Irritated the piss out of me. Anyway, just something to think about. There has to be a common reason for the glitch.
  4. Nosforatu75

    No More Baseball Bats?

    Would love some brass knuckles.
  5. Nosforatu75

    Hard Mode And More Skins Coming Soon For Free

    Everybody likes a little skin. lol
  6. Nosforatu75

    First Dlc. Ripoff?

    Can't we call get along? lol People are way to sensitive these days. What's next, is someone going to threaten to sue? As someone once mentioned, other companies have set the bar pretty high for their DLC. Each company is different and they offer what they think is of value. If you, the customer do not think it is worth the money, don't buy it. It's that simple. Not all companies are going to provide 20 plus hours of extra content for $20.00. From a buyers standpoint, I waited until the reviews on the content came out for what was being provided on the DLC. At this point, I am going to wait until the full DLC package is out and make my decision at that point if I feel it is worth the money or not. Also keep in mind the DLC content Techland has released on their past games and compare that to what is currently being offered. It should give you some idea what to expect from this developer.
  7. Nosforatu75

    Side Quest List

    You're welcome. Hope it helps
  8. Nosforatu75

    Side Quest List
  9. Nosforatu75

    Ps4 Fps

    I haven't had any issues. Of course I am hooked up to a 60" Samsung Plasma, refresh rate of 600hz. I have seen 20 plus on screen at once with no lag or issues.
  10. Nosforatu75

    The Speaker In My Ps4 Controller.

    No problem. You can adjust the brightness of the light bar on the controller too using the console settings if you ever are so inclined.
  11. Nosforatu75

    What?! New Zombie Type!

    Ah, you found my freaking Rubix Cube. Sweet, now I want it back!
  12. Nosforatu75

    The Speaker In My Ps4 Controller.

    The setting for speaker volume is on your PS4 console settings
  13. Nosforatu75

    Ranged Weapon Variety

    Spear, pole saw, fence post, tree branch, hubcap for throwing.
  14. Nosforatu75

    A Patch Is Coming! When?

    I think we need a new tire. A patch isn't going hold for very long!