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  1. SlammedSloth

    Wierdiest Place For Airdrop Ever

    Honestly I believe they do it so that it's realistic like they aren't in the same place all the time, it might of glitched and gone somewhere else or it's meant to be there.
  2. SlammedSloth

    Customer Appreciation?

    I feel Techland is actually one of the most caring Game Developers unlike valve (it's been 10 years come on!) they really take in consideration what people feel about the game and what should be added.
  3. SlammedSloth


    Well someone else must be noticing this account (not mine) is spamming the forums, can we get him maybe banned by a moderator I this threads deleted? The navigating with them is slightly annoying. Thanks.
  4. SlammedSloth

    Light Stories, You Are Dying To Read.

    Luckily I missed your absence with an absence of my own. Lol
  5. SlammedSloth

    Ultimate Bundle Steam Extra's

    I sure hope that the Punk Queen isn't given out lol.
  6. SlammedSloth

    Wierdiest Place For Airdrop Ever

    I've seen it before underwater, I think it's meant to be like that for people who don't feel like messing with zombies.
  7. I can understand your reasons but the Techland Team actually worked with the creator of Free running and Parkour to make this game. It seems to be amazing in the expericence of parkour (not that I do) and great over all in movement.
  8. SlammedSloth

    So Where Did You Died The First Time ?

    What doesn't kill you makes you stronger so I guess I'm very strong
  9. SlammedSloth

    Ultimate Bundle Steam Extra's

    So if you pre ordered on Steam you got the Punk Queen and if you pre ordered from somewhere else you're kind out of luck, all the weapons and skins will be available to everyone. The only weapon that will stay exclusive will be the Punk Queen. Thank you Steam.
  10. SlammedSloth

    Info On Ultimate Survival Bundle And Hard Mode

    Awesome, I when i pre ordered the ultimate edition on steam I was so worried I wouldn't get the pre order bonuses in the season pass but I do I also get a special weapon that only people on steam get if they pre orders, God this is a gamegasm.
  11. I don't think this gif could be any more on point then it is at describing everyone's feelings.
  12. SlammedSloth

    Encountered The Weirdest Glitch The Other Day

    That's really weird, I've never heard of it from this game. Seems like a funny little glitch though, did you exit the game and go back in?
  13. Tech lands made some big games that are not only extremely popular but well made, they dibs good job and listen to their consumers. I don't know how you get "Facebook game developer" because yes there games do have glitches but they smooth them out and always do good.
  14. I do not agree with the first one, it's a zombie apocalypse game al it will have people who tried to escape to regular Joes with a wallet now from his recent paycheck.
  15. SlammedSloth

    Release Date On Season Pass Content?

    The season pass is out on steam I am sure, I do not know what system you are using.