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  1. NBornNTribal

    New DLC

    Aiden Caldwell outfit for Crane in Dying Light along with some new weapon blueprints from Dying light 2 please guys
  2. NBornNTribal

    Message To Devs

    as of february 2019 till today Modders have a Dev Menu on Dying Light its gotten to the point i cant even play a game session or be in a Dying Light Community without Melee Weapons having a ridiculous amount of damage and infinite durability guns are now modded with infinite ammo and modded with blueprints on ps4 making the game lagg so bad it crashes not only that but its taking the fun out of survival as everyone is using it please Devs do something the Be The Zombie Invasions even when disabled are constantly poping up
  3. NBornNTribal

    Dying Light

    on consoles xbox one ps4 alot of players including me have been wondering where is the advanced combat shotgun i had a idea can we please get new variants of guns advanced american 9mm pistol advanced german 9mm pistol advanced smgs and perhaps a nail gun i mean we have boxes of nails why not add that in as well as a new blueprint content drop thru update please techland
  4. NBornNTribal

    Advanced Combat Shotgun

    can we please get this on ps4
  5. NBornNTribal

    Advanced Combat Shotgun

    ok i got a question im hearing players claim they found the Advanced Combat Shotgun in The Following on Ps4 is this accurate found or purchased or is it strictly a weapon docket if so then i have no way of finding it im level 233 legend on ps4 and want it and in a world of survival one can never have to many guns can we please get these guns in an update Revolver gen A, Model 15 Revolver gen A from a pre release screenshot Revolver gen A version 2, Model 15 with vented barrel Revolver gen B, Taurus Raging Bull Revolver gen B Version 2, Taurus Raging Bull with vented barrel Mounted SMG, (can be added back with a mod), M60/M249 Mounted SMG 2, M60/PKM