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  1. CptDynamiX

    Dl's Companion App

    You can send yourself packages from the app to the game itself. When you send scouts on missions they come back with items, some of those items might be helpful in-game, therefore, you can make packages and send them to yourself in-game.
  2. CptDynamiX

    Dying Light Update Testers Wanted

    Just sent you an e-mail. And as everyone else, I hope I can help.
  3. CptDynamiX

    Physics And Details, Oh Man!

    I agree. Details are one of many reasons I love playing Dying Light. I also never knew zombies would trip on other zombies that's actually pretty nice!
  4. Weird, try messaging support http://en.support.techland.pl/support/solutions
  5. Oh, I see. Are you sure you've downloaded the DLC? As I said, I think it must be downloaded seperately.
  6. Have you downloaded the Season Pass? I think you must download the season pass seperately. http://store.steampowered.com/app/335810/ Also, I'm not sure about the skins, but I think they are a BestBuy exclusive.
  7. I think you only get those if you've pre-ordered from BestBuy; http://www.bestbuy.com/site/games-promotions/dying-light/pcmcat339900050004.c?id=pcmcat339900050004&ref=199&loc=FKSJxY2VJAk&acampID=1&siteID=FKSJxY2VJAk-XYrpNQlvgMYPDXEYON_.Gg This might help: http://forum.techland.pl/topic/1907-question-to-devsmods-regarding-ninjaspecial-agent-bestbuy-exclusive-pre-order-dlc-costumes/
  8. Yes, I also think it is a good compensation for those who have to wait another month.
  9. Weird, they showed up to me. Well, try contacting support
  10. CptDynamiX

    Sli Utilization

    Yeah, I don't think its forgotten though, but its better to make sure I know how it feels, running the game with SLI enabled makes the game run way smoother.
  11. CptDynamiX

    Can My Pc Run Dying Light

    I recommend using http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri or http://www.game-debate.com/games/index.php?g_id=7982&game=Dying%20Light (if you use game-debate scroll down a bit until you see "CAN I RUN Dying Light" then fill in your specs). I personally use game-debate myself. Also, keep in mind that those might not be 100% accurate. [Posted that on another thread. It might help you out.]
  12. CptDynamiX

    Pre-Order Docket Tokens

    Yes, there is a process, however, its pretty simple. You should have registered here: http://dockets.dyinglightgame.com I am not sure if it's too late or not, but you could still try. You can link your Steam/PS/Xbox account here: https://dockets.dyinglightgame.com/account/link-platforms
  13. CptDynamiX

    Guess I'll Start This Off By Saying..

    I don't think you can transfer money, since the app was made to like collect parts and transfer those. The reason money is there is to heal scouts.
  14. As much as I know, only people who have pre-ordered a hard copy get free DLC's, and not all of them they only get Cuisine & Cargo and the Ultimate Survivor Bundle. Here is the Facebook post: https://www.facebook.com/DyingLightGame/posts/525583224251395 Hope it makes things clearer
  15. CptDynamiX

    Dying Light Ost?

    I actually think hosting like a giveaway or something would be a nice idea!