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  1. Remember the days when you all could buy the same game. No extras. They were great. I love dlc and will buy ones that are value for money and good quality. It's just bad practise to let your consumers who are interested in your game. Who have pre ordered to have to research whether or not we get the mode that sounds like a lot if fun and may very well keep your new ip interesting and maybe have you make a sequel. Very strange tactics considering it's a new franchise. I do know that unless you pre ordered this from amazon or on or psn you won't get be the zombie mode. It's only with them
  2. Well when I checked on the xbox one the pre order editions being the normal and the one with the season pass is both included with the be the zombie dlc. If you pre order you get the dlc zombie with the bundle. Make sure it's the pre order version as there's 2 normal editions and only the pre order included the zombie dlc. I've seen the same on psn. Only amazon is doing the uk retailer with zombie dlc. Which is crazy as the USA gets it with every pre order game in all retailers websites and stores. Doesn't bode well for us limeys I've pre ordered it from tescos anyway. I've paid £30 and decided £15 extra at Amazon wasn't worth the dlc which is only about 200-400mb anyway. I'm sure it will become available for everyone soon enough whether free or paid for Then again we all remember watch dogs was boasting about being able to invade people's campaign and look how that turned out in the end
  3. I am from the UK and that generally means the royal chupacabra job from dlc to the ridiculous exchange rate. Anyways I enquired on a few websites regarding this and they just got back to me this evening. They said that they (tesco) did not take part in the exclusive dlc mode. This means that the UK is not a pre order exclusive like the USA so I can either use which is £45 or pre order on which is £55. I wanted to use tesco as i had rewards to make this £30 so unsure now to which way I go. I want the dlc but is it worth £15 extra
  4. clemo81

    About The Dlc

    I have tried asking these questions for a while but had no response to any of them. Unless fully stated I don't think any of these orders will have extra dlc. From what I have gathered from this site. Any digital pre order will have be the zombie mode and as stated on the pre order download the skin dlc. You would have to check on the Web page retailing the game to see if they have the dlc stated. Not the best way to make the consumer comfortable with the best possible option in buying their game
  5. I seen this last night on xbox one. They had a normal pre order edition and an ultimate if I remember correctly. Problem being if you pre order before the release date do you get the zombie mode as well. It's not stated. The dlc just shows bundle only.
  6. This needs to be clarified doesn't it. I'm reading all preorder will have dlc then seeing a new box case with the dlc and many sites saying things like amazon exclusive.
  7. I have pre-ordered my xbox one copy of Dying Light for some time, as stated on your website the be the zombie dlc was a pre-order incentive. This has been on order for a while and have now noticed uk website like amazon have displayed another version with the be the zombie pre order sticker on the main cover and a little bit more expensive. i want to clarify that now there seems to be 2 preorder versions of this game. i and i believe many others thought that if you preordered this game before its release date meant you would have access to the DLC. will this DLC be available separately to purchase also in the near future. i am sure i will purchase the season pass as well. many thanks