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  1. DamnDelerious

    Idea: survival mode

    I think there should be an option where all you do is survive 1 life. But you can have 3-5 others w you. Have food and water bars and make it about scavenging. Making your own tools, but only realistic tools none if that crazy electrical stuff. Add some sort of building as well, like boards and nails for windows to reinforce a building. Maybe make your own harvesting mechanics with axes and make it possible for people to make their own homes. My idea comes just from replaying dying light. I love dying light. It plays so well, the zombies are perfect, and the only thing i could wish to do is run around and survive day to day and have more zombies and make it more about parkour survival. Plus with what little bit i have seen if what dying light 2 will be adding this to it could be something a lot of gamers would like to play. Not that it should by any means be the only option but being able to do this after all the story is done or even just as an option from the beginning.