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    2016 The Following!?

    Well, this game is dead, and if they think the dlc in 2016 is a good time, remember that fallout 4 mods will be available on consoles in 2016. There are a ton of good games coming next year, but even if there wasn't, I'll be on fallout 4 a long time. I'd think game developers would have realized by now that dlc after a year is way too long. There are still massive game issues especially at high levels, how do they think anyone is still playing this long?
  2. Placebo Soul

    Variety In Weapons Severly At High Levels.

    Wow, I've been off this forum (and the game as well for the most part) for nearly a year, and the issue of weapon variety at high/max level is STILL not fixed? This issue breaks the game for me, thought I'd give it another try while waiting on fallout 4, but still have only one way to play at end game? The dlc not out yet still??? Wow, just, wow. Any devs want to give us any reason to play this game now?
  3. Placebo Soul

    Rb As The Jump Button

    It seriously detracts from movement in the air this way. You need your right thumb on the thumb stick to aim where you are looking while jumping. It has to be one of the triggers or bumpers or it cripples your movement.
  4. Placebo Soul

    Happy International Womans Day

    Yeah, happy ..... Now get me a beer!
  5. Placebo Soul

    Disappointed With Pre-Order...

    chupacabra is the censorship of the board when you say a curse word
  6. The fix is coming, just not confirmed if it will be in Tuesday's patch (hopefully) or the next one.
  7. Placebo Soul

    Weapon Variety

    The weapon variety issue has nothing to do with progression or location. It is tied to survival level. Once you hit around survival 15 or 16, the only weapons scaled to your level from then on are 5 bladed weapons, 4 swords and 1 axe. They have confirmed this is being fixed though. Although there is yet to be confirmation of it being part of the March 10 patch or not.
  8. Totally agree 100%. It looks as it is like the intent was to give you resource for more repairs when you dismantle weapons. Totally should have a chance to get more parts to remake another, depending how complex the weapon you dismantle is. Great idea sicam.
  9. Placebo Soul

    Gamestop Pre-Order Weapons Pack

    I didn't get them, but as I understand they aren't physical weapons you get, I think you get blueprints to make them. Try looking in blueprints section in inventory. Hope that helps. If I'm wrong sorry, that's all I can think of.
  10. Placebo Soul

    Disappointed With Pre-Order...

    Uh, you may not realize this, but having the blueprint is better. If they just gave you the weapon it would be used and gone, this way you can make infinite numbers of them. Also, I completely disagree, I prefer to get preorder or dlc items as a reward for doing something in game to get them. If everything is handed to us, it isn't a game, it's a movie.
  11. Placebo Soul

    You Disappoint Me Techland.

    I am one of the biggest complainers about the RNG issue, as I said in my last post, they are fixing it. I know what your post is about, I've made 5 posts about this already. The fix is coming. @Korpen I'm on xbone, don't think you have to start over, you shouldn't anyway, but do have to wait until Tuesday patch. Happy killing.
  12. Placebo Soul

    You Disappoint Me Techland.

    Patch on Tuesday is bringing more variety and a gold weapon tier. They are fixing the high level RNG tables, just hasn't been confirmed if it is in Tuesdays patch or a later one. Cross fingers or whatever you do for it being in on Tuesday.
  13. Placebo Soul

    Weapon Variety

    This is being fixed, last I had heard was a large patch very soon. I'm hoping it is the patch on Tuesday, if not a patch very soon after. It's really the only issue that has put the brakes on for me with this game, I love it, but I can't bear to kill even one more zombie with the same weapon I've been using for the last 60 hours of play. Fingers crossed for Tuesday (even though it seemed absent from the patch message)
  14. Yeah, have to wait to snag it in NG+ if you try to pick up the gun with inventory full and it disappears. It's a good gun, btbh i don't use it, find the police rifle better myself, and it's in my storage. Considering the patch on Tuesday will give more content, will definitely be worth it to play through a 2nd time. Sucks to wait, but you can snag it then (remember inventory next time obviously).
  15. sorry, reread that, I have definitely run into repeats of those random story telling people. Don't think any of them died in my presence, but they disappear after you leave, and I've definitely run into some of them more than once. Think that's as close as I can come to answer, since I didnt see any die. Happy hunting buds