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  1. Also wondering how to create a lingering fire effect under an explosive barrel when you set the burn afterwards time in attributes page to 30 seconds after inital explosion? its vanilla animation the fires flicker away from ground after about 3-4 seconds. Please and thank you for any assistance!
  2. Is anyone able to help me with creating npcs that will stay in a given area and attack zombies/hostiles that approach? with limited health preferably so they can die, but if they're immortal i could deal with it.
  3. In case you are misunderstanding me, I have not added any custom files in scripts>inventory which is where those .loot files are. Even when creating a new project and using the example map (presumabley all correct settings/files) and doing nothing but spawning a container, it doesn't work properly. If i remove the loot files completely it'll just chupacabra up the project more? there's 4 .loot files in scripts>inventory... if i delete them and relaunch my project does it auto replace them? if so, i'd guess it auto replaces them with the defaults/settings/file used in the example map/project, which wouldn't work because of what i said above about creating a new project and it still doesn't work :\
  4. Perhaps sending the files that have properties for loot containers in their default form might work if i replace both my project's and the example map's? In case somehow something has been altered? otherwise I'm not too sure... any ideas would be appreciated or ways i could manually work around it by incorporating a quest script or text in something to force loot containers to spawn random stuff? i tried changing the setting in atrributes that forces a loottype but that didn't work either
  5. I can zoom inside the object and manually place an item but that's incredibly tedious. All the variable and settings in the attributes section of the item are identical to the dev tools tutorial. He just places, changes its type to toolbox and then launches game and it auto spawns the saw blade in there... I've checked my files associated with the loot sets/decisions and they all seems fine. For eg, the toolbox one shows the possabilites of which objects and their decimal point likelihood. which is all default/same as when i start an example map in the dev tools. Also happens even when i create a new map and use example map and only thing i do is spawn a container to test it. So nothing is changed or influenced by me. Very confused as to why this basic feature seems to not work? Same with zombies auto loot, not sure if you usually would have to make zombies lootable or if by default aispawn generic biters drop loot. because in my game they are lootable but always get 'nothing' when searched. I'm deducing that maybe somehow the example map or devtools files themselves (not the ones associated with each individual map or project) could be faulty or broken? like the files which decide what the default files are for a newly created project using the techland example? if that makes sense. Although then, theoretically re validating the files of dev tools (doesn't actually seem to be an option for that in steam like there is actual games) would fix that, or reinstalling it? I didn't alter any files though so i'm so confused... Dev tools tutorial i'm speaking of. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hks8qlCSjcE&list=PLSjLjgn6LsgviUvhAlaCMZFPhHvi1A9Ul&index=12&t=0s
  6. I wonder why techland has this forum if they don't actively monitor and help their userbase? I'm wondering if this is a glitch/bug with an update they did / if this is happening with other people because following the tutorial videos techland has on youtube for quest elements 1/3 the video shows all same variables selected as the ones i place down (a tool kit for eg) and nothing spawns inside it in game. same for any containers no matter what type they are turned into. Please, any help would be greatly appreciated
  7. Additionally I'm unsure of how to create custom blueprints or at least change the requirements for crafting particular blueprints. I read somewhere that it says to find and open common_texts_all.bin for the scripts and text related to blueprints but I only have that file in the languages that aren't english for some reason. It isn't in the normal data folders, only the other language data folders such as Datajp and Dataru. Am I just missing this file in english or is there a different way to alter blueprint requirements and all that? Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.
  8. Kazeric

    Devtools Useful Tips & Tricks

    Amazing, need more collections of tutorials like this!
  9. Hello! Anyone know how to increase the HP/tankiness/difficulty of a spawned enemy? the the Ai Level category in Fields tab of attributes of an enemy doesn't seem to alter anything when additionalDiffLevel, minlvl or maxlvl fields are changed? also changed the 'shooting difficulty' and 'closedmgdifficulty" to very hard but didnt seem to make zombies or goons much tankier? Or is that their output dmg with shooting and melee? any info on these things would be much appreciated! also is there a way yet to make a save point for custom maps so that when you launch it again from within steam once published it loads from a certain checkpoint or loads up to the end of the latest quest completion in previous playthrough session? needed for bigger campaign making/longer missions. any information would be very much appreciated