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  1. I always have either the game is no longer avaliable, you need to be connected in peer to peer (something like that), can't connect you to other players I have been trying this for 3 days but have got into 0 games im wondering if this is a game bug or is it just me?
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    Steam Gamers?

    I so happy for dying light only downside it comes out on a tuesday
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    i have submitted it using that form
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    Hi i preordered and questioned about the be the zombie mode no being apart of the package but i dont wish to take the chances but i am worried that if i cancel my preorder that i will lose the dockets from when i first preordered So My question is if i cancel my preorder and purchase it through steam will i lose my current dockets? Also on amazon apparantly this is the only change im wondering if this has be the zombie mode in it Amazon.co.uk Exclusive - Zombie Pack DownloadEdit: Just checked you dont get the be the zombie code even if you preorder unless you purchase the more expensive version
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    Be The Zombie Mode

    i made a post on this yesterday thie is the response that the community manager gave me i hope it helps Hi guys, We are getting in touch with the right people about this, and see what is happening. However, best thing to do is to get in touch with Amazon directly as well, and see what they have to say. The tricky part is that we, Techland, are the developers of Dying Light - not the retailer, which means that we don't know exactly what and why Amazon is doing. However, that doesn't mean though that we don't care. Thanks for raising the issue guys, and let's see if we can help you out.
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    No worrys Michal I just wanted to really know whether if ig to the 'be the zombie mode'
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    I bought a £20 copy of dying light for preorder from amazon but they just sent me something saying i need to upgrade to a £35 copy to get the preorder weapon and the be the zombie gamemode i dont know if this is true because i though i had purchased be the zombie when i preordered it?