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  1. Snikende Gnagsår

    Silver Crate In The Holy Year Tunnel Won't Open?

    Noticed after running around in circle inside the quarantine for a while, the option to open the chest were back once again, however, another attempt to open, and the same thing happend >.<
  2. Snikende Gnagsår

    Silver Crate In The Holy Year Tunnel Won't Open?

    This is another type of chest, its a silver chest made of metal.
  3. Snikende Gnagsår

    Silver Crate In The Holy Year Tunnel Won't Open?

    after you click it once, it feels like it got interupted and cancel the opening animation, afterwards it can't be interacted with
  4. Snikende Gnagsår

    Silver Crate In The Holy Year Tunnel Won't Open?

    Same thing happend to me, at first i had the option to open it, but then i couldnt after clicking it :S Got kinda excited for a moment
  5. Snikende Gnagsår

    The Whole Story Glitch Trophy Question.

    playing on steam, "the whole story" trophy popped after i entered the game and made progression on another trophy, in my case, im working on blinding the zombies at night with these street lights, did one, and all previous bugged trophies popped at once.
  6. Snikende Gnagsår

    New Update Hasn't Fixed Trophys Still Ffs

    Playing on steam, got the achievement, but they didnt pop up right away, after i continued with other ahicevements, in my case blinding those zombies, activated 1 lamp post and then all the bugged achievments popped.
  7. Snikende Gnagsår

    Anyone Got The Patch Yet?

    After searching this and steam forum, it seems only the xbox version of the game have recieved the update.
  8. Snikende Gnagsår

    Info On Ultimate Survival Bundle And Hard Mode

    For those who currently have completed the game, and not started a new game+, will we get reward for completed the game prior to the patch? or do we have to either load last mission or complete the game on newgame+/fresh game?
  9. Snikende Gnagsår

    The Add On Once You Buy Ultimate Edition

    To my understanding these outfits and weapons are free to everyone (not related to Ultimate Edition) and correct me if im wrong
  10. Snikende Gnagsår

    List Of Glitched Trophies And Achievements

    With which game version did you have the trophy or achievement bug? Where is the PC Steam option?
  11. Snikende Gnagsår

    What?! New Zombie Type!

    Touch it with all your might, could be a secret easter holocron, and before you know it, you are wielding a friggin lightsaber..*tzooom*
  12. Snikende Gnagsår

    All Weapon Variety Lost At 25?

    im currently lvl 24, but how about shops? is there limited there as well? kinda have 200k cash and have kept everything i've looted so far of valuebles, so it would be nice to have something to spend cash on
  13. Snikende Gnagsår

    Gre Website?

    I have come across this as well, been going through all the current notes i have discovered, but no luck finding a username/password so far
  14. Snikende Gnagsår

    Sniper Rifle?

    Anyone know if there are any Sniper Rifles ingame? Currently i have found 3x Military Rifles 5x Police Rifles 1x American 9mm 2x German 9mm I can just imagion sitting on a rooftop and picking off Volatile/Bolters one after another at night
  15. Snikende Gnagsår

    Single Player/co-Op Question

    ^ beat me to it