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  1. BryanFury

    Fix Your Game

    From what i see the only "side" that is getting errors, glitches, bugs and so on are the consoLLLe guys... because to me all work great, not even a single bug, not ONE... Just my personal tought but...maybe is time to trash the consoLLLes and buy a real gaming machine.. a PC.
  2. BryanFury

    Dying Light Update Testers Wanted

    Mail sent If you wanna an Italian zone tester, here i'm, at your service..
  3. BryanFury

    Film Grain + Blur: How To Remove?

    You didn't noticed my signature, don't you? I'm on PC, i can do a lot of stuff... if it's possible to edit the game settings files
  4. As the title says... i NEED to remove these 2 effects, they are making me mad, i can play completelly but after a while i start to get mad with it.. it seems like my monitor is dirty and i can't continue to play this way... Is it still possible to edit?
  5. So... WHAT it exactly mean? Can i still edit the game option files (because i NEED to do it to stop eye bleeding) to disable the shadows AND, mainly, remove the film grain effect that is killing my eyes? Seriously, why in the hell there is the film grain? WHY? If you don't want people to edit game files, ADD the options to do it...
  6. BryanFury

    Hud Keeps Getting Half-Trasparent... Why?

    UP!! That is really annoying. Please, say to me there is a .ini file to edit to fix that!
  7. As the title says... there is a damn option to disable the alpha channeling on the HUD? It keeps getting half transparent and it's making me really mad... i want it to be EVER bright.. sometimes i don't understand a hell on what's going on, what secondary weapon i have, how much is my main weapon, ecc... :angry:
  8. BryanFury

    Looking For Team (Pc-Steam)(Italia)

    I will do better, i'll leave here my profile:
  9. BryanFury

    Companion App Is Here

    Mods for equipment
  10. BryanFury

    Game Release Countdown!

    Based on the counter i have on my steam, it's 11.00 GMT+1 Where is the EST time zone based? GMT+2?
  11. BryanFury

    Game Release Countdown!

    You cheater!
  12. BryanFury

    Game Release Countdown!

    Since i could not know the exact time to the release, i just made an "approximatelly countdown". It's not far from the true release. Actually, it's 9h and 30m more from now (now = 00.30 GMT+1), so, based on that, the game will be release approximatelly at 11.00 GMT+1. Where do you live? I mean, what time zone do you have? Just subctrat or add time from 11.00 GMT+1
  13. BryanFury

    Same Character For Co-Op Mode?

    That is a senseless topic. Who the hell care about the same character? Customize it by wearing what you like and play the damn game. If everyone of you are a gamer you all should know the GOLD rule of the gaming: "It's all about the game"
  14. Had 4, now 8. Thankyou!
  15. BryanFury

    Steam Gamers?

    Well, listen, i'm not against Germany, it was the past, people make stupid choises and can act stupidly, but it's not actually german's people fault... so, don't shot over me, i know very well the history, i'm not blind minded to take these things so lightly...