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  1. I have completed the requirements for "Together til the end" trophy over 10 times but the trophy is not popping. I tried every way i could find in forums that make this glitched, since its notoriously glitchy. I have completed it as a host, as a guest, with no legendary skills spent, without dying, with specific weapons, while injured by my coop player, with the coop player dying at the last level, everything. The other guy i did this together got it on his first try with me. I also beat it with 3 and 4 people. I got the awards, arrows and skin. I didn't have any connectivity issues or any other problem with the other game/dlc trophies. You can also check the leaderboards for my solo and coop times. My PSN ID is karpathoulas667. I am at PS4 with the latest patch (1.20). It is the only trophy i have left to achieve 100% completion, which is very important to me. Please do something to unlock it for me. Thank you in advance.