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  1. Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well. I just want to request a mode called "custom" mode or "assist" mode or "accessibility" mode for Dying Light 2 single player offline only. The assist mode can help those people with cognitive disability or mental disability. Let me explain about what I mean when I say "assist" mode- This mode should simply let the player or user edit some basic parameters like player health,damage,durability etc or enemy health,damage etc. It is similar to single player offline cheat mode or custom mode. A game called "Celeste" implemented this "assist" mode and it had options like invincibility option. game speed slider. infinite stamina option. infinite durability option. Let me explain why I am requesting this. I have a friend who had suffered a traumatic brain injury due to motor bike accident and this accident hurt his brain in such a way that he has problems playing many games even on easy modes. But fortunately with the assist modes or cheat modes he was able to enjoy games like Celeste and he even enjoyed dying light because I downloaded him a mod for it which is basically a cheat mod. You know even I had suffered a mild injury a few years ago and it did affect my performance in many things at that time. Fortunately I recovered, but my friend is not that fortunate and his injury is more severe than mine was. I just feel that offline single player cheat mode or custom mode or assist mode will be helpful for people like my friend. I just feel that if developers have resources then please help those who need it because I think it is simply a right thing to do. It is simply a nice thing which will make a person happy, which will make a person "not miserable" for a few days. I completely know that cheat mode will not be the "intended" way to play. But you see cheat mode will simply be an additional option. It will not replace the "intended" mode or recommended way to play. Even in older games cheats were not the "intended" way but still they were fun and helpful for people like my friend and even me. Celeste assist mode also states that the mode is not the intended way to play, but it is for those who may have physical problems or maybe just want to mess around. Moreover this custom mode could also be helpful for hardcore players of the game as they can edit enemy damage or player damage and can make the game much more difficult just for challenge and great time. Evil Within 2 also offered a few toggle able permanent(until user manually turns then off, basically they don't get turned off automatically when you exit the game) cheat options which are very helpful and useful. Something like that would be great too.