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    PS4 player "ihaveNWORDPASS" without the quotation marks. Player had destroyed 2 nests and had been killed by my NH 4 times, in Old Town. Right as I landed pounce attack for the 5th kill, on a rooftop, screen went black then Slums loading screen appeared. My NH dropped into the Slums, but couldn't walk, run, spit, crouch, jump, melee, tendril, uv block, or look around. The HUD showed all 5 nests and 10 lives as full. Player approached and ran around in front of me. The prompt for pounce appeared on the screen but wouldn't work. Player ran off and started attacking nest, I still couldn't do anything so I just dropped out. Could just be a bug/glitch but the same player seemed suspicious last night. They could dropkick me when I was mid-tendril four stories above them, reaching me from ground level in less than a second. They were also throwing out six flares in a row. It's been awhile since I played as human, but I don't remember either of those being possible.