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    I'm very confused

    So i'm gonna be one hundred with all of you, I play ps4 dying light and the controls are a bit wonky but I can get used to it, i've been playing for a bit as the night hunter and am at mutation 1 level 2, so why am i getting matched up with max legend level survivors that spam dropkick and death from above? I may just suck but I think there should be different variations of the night hunter, maybe one that focuses on dodging and one mainly for combat, that sorta thing, but as it stands now I may not want to continue since if I play human i'm gonna feel like a jerk for bullying the Night hunters but its also rare for me to find a game with a night hunter anymore, back in the old days it was great to be afraid of the night hunter and actually have a good time, I would get invaded like 3 times in one in-game day but now i'll be waiting for hours and get nothing so, what now??