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  1. Clemouton

    MAKE IT EQUAL!!!!!!

    Survivors OS the Night hunter with their weapon all the time and counter every assault with UV and invisible backdash....meanwhile the Hunter has a tackle but survivors just had to spam jump to dodge! Wtf?! Give the hunter more opportunities.....i don t have a bad ratio of win but each time i play i just find the game frustrated when i win im still angry by the unbalanced of the match up
  2. Clemouton

    MAKE IT EQUAL!!!!!!

    Why the zombie need to be the chupacabra of the survivors all the time
  3. Clemouton

    BtZ: A Proposal/Gift to Developers.

    Can we have a reward when people rage quit on Be The Zombie especially the survivors xD
  4. Clemouton

    Be the Zombie, humans way over powered.

    Obviously when you say Human's are not advantage in the fight they don't even play the mode xD
  5. Clemouton


    Help me!!! XD I have 6h on the mode with the Night Hunter and the Humans have SOOOO MUCH advantage because i don t have any skill....the Night Hunter is so squishy in like 2 hit it died and the UV interrupt during the animation is just too OP you can't grind EXP win with efficiency! I NEED ADVISE FOR BEING LESS chupacabra XD