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  1. Hello, I just bought Dying Light for PS4 and i started the campaign on NORMAL difficulty level. I am struggling to finish the first quest when i need to plant explosives on the two cars near the safe zone i've just unlocked. The problem is that as soon as i approach the safe zone exit, dozens of zombies are already trying to get to me. They even climb on the fence and fell into the safezone. If i want to go out very silent on the other part, some zombie very far away (outside my field of view) is coming for me and in 5 seconds I'm surrounded by more. If I climb on the tallest buildings, no more than 5 seconds - the zombies are reaching the rooftop from all of the sides. I found it impossible to play and I'm upset because I really like the game, but i think the AI engine is broken somehow. I also watched some walktrough videos on YouTube and the zombies are behaving totally different than in my game, they are not that fast - aggresive and you can play the game. What do you think ? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am now 100% sure that there is some bug because I watched a gameplay on NIGHTMARE mode from youtube and the zombies are really slow and dumb compared to my game. What can I do ? Thank you Vlad