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  1. xIIDOCIIx


    I didn't have to start a new game. I beat the game and new game plus. I then went to the advanced screen and selected hard mode with my new game plus save. It started hard mode.
  2. xIIDOCIIx

    So Where Did You Died The First Time ?

    Don't remember .. taken too many of Dahlia's potions!
  3. You can zipline over the wall into that area ... you have to stay close to the wall. If you move too far away from the wall, the game relocates you back to the other side of the fence. I believe I remember seeing something where the 3rd DLC drop with the bozak horde will take place inside the stadium.
  4. xIIDOCIIx

    Season Pass And Dlc Drops

    I am now curious as to the bozak horde which is to be released in May. Is this going to be a 1 time play through as well or will we have the opportunity to play through it as we want? No one knows except the developers, but the question is legit. The first dlc drop we could only play through once. What about the horde mode?
  5. xIIDOCIIx

    Season Pass And Dlc Drops

    Correct .. Very unhappy Techland. I refuse to start a 4th character and have to go through leveling him again. This replayability of this game is about 99% done, and it's only been out for a month and a half? Something to learn from Techland. We need replayability. I can't go looking for better weapons, as I've found them through playing a lot. I can't find lower level weapons I would rather use to make it more of a challenge as the weapons are level dependent (Unless they are carried by Rais' men, a random zombie, or luck). This has been an amazing game, but we need something to be able to keep us interested in the game and keep searching for the next best thing. Not being able to replay the quarantine zones, and then paying for 2 of them on top of it? The weapons in the quarantine zones were worse than the weapons I already had, so I didn't take any of them ... Love the game, not happy with a few things.
  6. xIIDOCIIx

    Season Pass And Dlc Drops

    So we can't replay the season pass content that we paid extra money for unless we start a new game. Not cool at all. I'm not asking for a refund, Just want the general public to be informed.
  7. xIIDOCIIx

    Season Pass And Dlc Drops

    I have maxed out 3 characters with all stats, have over 250 hours in the game. Have 50 out of 50 achievements done. I am not sure if there will be new achievements added, but I my first guess would be no. Next question, are the quarantine zones replayable? I just went in game with a friend and they aren't replayable. So the first DLC drop, which was paid for in the season pass, I can only play through once per game? I've maxed out 3 characters and do not wish to play another new game just to get in there. I do not understand why they aren't replayable. Maybe I am wrong. Will someone let me know about these quarantine zones. I've beaten them before and cannot re enter them. Please let us re enter these zones to search for weapons ..
  8. xIIDOCIIx

    Season Pass And Dlc Drops

    I'm hoping someone can explain this to me. I guess I'm having a hard time understanding why the season pass is worth the content. Along with many here I pre ordered the game through gamestop and received the weapon bundle. I also purchased the season pass at the same time. For the pre order bonus, I received the night club, buzz killer, and lacerator. Next week, has been confirmed the second DLC drop, and includes items that were my pre order bonus. No big deal. I get it. This is where my confusion is: Next Tuesday, Techland is releasing hard mode, gold tier weapons, new skins, and new weapons for free for everyone. What did we buy the season pass for if everything is being released for free. I paid $20.00 US for 2 quarantine zones which took literally 5 minutes to run through, Weapons I received as my pre order bonus, and the horde which isn't going to be released for another (round number) 2 months? Yes, I know there are skins, but they were a pre order bonus for best buy here in the states. They basically took the ultimate survivor bundle and split it for pre order, weapons went to Gamestop and Outfits went to Best Buy. I believe next Tuesdays release should be included in the season pass, and not for free to give those of us who paid the extra $20.00 US value for our money. Any opinion is appreciated, I'm just trying to understand.
  9. xIIDOCIIx

    Best Weapon You Have

    I finished the game, and I'm curious to know what is your best weapon? My best weapon is an orange Premium Katana with the angel sword mod, and 3 king upgrades. Damage: 2587 Durability: 84 Handling: 134 Repairs: 5 Upgrades: 3/3 Value: 35448 Needless to say, we are running after the nightmares at night, chasing them down for the kill. We are having a blast with this game !!
  10. xIIDOCIIx

    Once You Beat The Game Questions

    I beat the game as well .. there is a new game + .. when you get done .. from the main menu, select play campaign .. not continue .. on the bottom of the menu screen there will be an "x" to select for advanced ... click "x" and in the options is new game plus to restart the game. You restart with all levels, all weapons and everything you had when you finished the game. The zombies will still be as tough as when you finished. I haven't been able to tell a difference. There might be a slight bump, but considering I run with a katana sword with the angel sword mod, and 3 king upgrades .. the damage on the sword is 2587. Hope that helps.
  11. xIIDOCIIx

    No Dockets?

    I am in the same boat. I have no pre order blueprints, or dockets. Very disappointed ..
  12. I installed the game. Entered the code for my preorder weapons. I have entered the game and do not have any blueprints for the pre order weapons, nor any of the 8 dockets I am supposed to have. I left the game, restarted the game, and the result is still the same. I cannot use the code again to try and redownload as the code was already used, yes I used it. So currently I have no pre order weapons, and no dockets. I also downloaded the season pass, but I am wondering if that is even going to work. Any help is more than appreciated. Thank you.
  13. xIIDOCIIx

    Surviving The Night Questions

    I saw video gameplay of someone sneaking up behind a volatile and taking it out with a skill from behind. So you can sneak up on them ..
  14. xIIDOCIIx

    Companion App Is Here

    crashes on nexus 5 running lollipop ..