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  1. cohcheez

    This Is Harraaaaan! Achievement

    I would assume that too but wouldn't mind confirmation from someone that has it or knows the inside scoop
  2. When you unlock the ability to throw melee weapons would this count towards this achievement or does it strictly have to be thrown weapons like shurikens?
  3. It says kick 100 zombies off rooftops or cliffs....couple questions about this achievement....does the zombie have to die when kicked off the cliff/ you have to use the basic front kick or can use the drop kick as well and can I kick them off the bridge/overpasses as well? any advice would be appreciated guys!
  4. cohcheez

    No Dockets?

    I turned my ps4 off and reloaded the game 3 times....on the 3rd time my dockets appeared!!.....dunno if it was just luck or if techland had something to do with it....good luck guys!
  5. cohcheez

    No Dockets?

    Hmmm can't find my dockets anywhere,,,,not at the quartermaster, no skin either.
  6. cohcheez


    Still don't have my dockets....I'm a level 4 survivor....does it unlock at level 5 perhaps?...quartermaster doesn't have them and I cant find my master scavenger skin either....please help! Other than this it's a great game
  7. cohcheez

    Thank God! =D

    awesome......I was never hung up on waiting for reviews but I'm glad we're starting to see some posts for the skeptics....I really want techland to do well.
  8. whoohooo!!! Just got my extra dockets!! thanks!!
  9. cohcheez

    Where Are The Reviews?

    Since there are no reviews out and it seems very important to some of you to have a review I spent the day yesterday jumping around from twitch stream to twitch stream and asking gamers like us how they like all I visited 14 twitch streams and I asked them to rate the game out of 10. There were 6 people who gave it 8/10, 6 people gave it 9/10 and 2 people gave it 9.5/10. Comments included "much better than dead island" "really immersive" and generally other positive comments. These guys are just average gamers like us and seem to really enjoy it....hope this helps a bit.
  10. more people mouthin off about techland and callin them techscam.............cancel your preorder and leave the forums. why are these people still here?
  11. cohcheez

    Where Are The Reviews?

    agreed with darkwolf well said
  12. cohcheez

    Where Are The Reviews? can watch some twitch streams....the game is being played....people like it....I don't think they are sympathizers.
  13. cohcheez


    another dead thread ressurected
  14. cohcheez


    this thread is completely chupacabra E D!
  15. cohcheez

    Where Are The Reviews?

    yeah kewl......embargo.....who cares!!!!......there are twitch streams!!!! people have got the game early!!!.....YOU DO NOT NEED A REVIEW!!!!......they are playing the game right now!!!! go watch it!! decide for yourselves!!!