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    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    1. The UV spit, Horde Spit, and UV shields are not currently at full capacity at the start of matches. For example, I start a match and should have two horde spits, two UV spits, and two UV shields, yet I only start the match with one of each and have to wait around until the missing ones show up on my HUD? This needs to be fixed. Humans have all of their equipment. 2. The range of the human's UV lamp needs to desperately be shortened - this is a common complaint. 3. The UV spit, Horde Spit, and UV shields need to have a faster recovery time. Currently, there is about a 60-90 sec recovery time in any match that is not 4V1. It really doesn't make any sense to have the recovery time on these items that long. The human's UV light replenishment rate is at least 2-3 times FASTER than the recovery time of the Hunter's defensive weapons. 4. Hunter respawns after death need to be extremely shortened. It doesn't make sense that the respawn times can be upwards of 15 seconds. Hunters have 5 lives and Humans have 10 and all of the advantages. NEEDS BALANCING!!!! STILL IN 2019!!! Come on Techland??? 5. There are so many exploits and glitches humans use that it's honestly amazing this ever made it out of Alpha testing... Exploits are hacks, just without a cheat engine. TECHLAND!!! DO YOU EVEN PLAY YOUR GAME??? 6. Humans attack much faster and are much more powerful, move faster and heal faster than the zombie. Can we atleast get a larger spit explosion? I mean come on. This game is in no way balanced at all. The human has all of the advantages at higher levels and they keep getting more DLC and better weapons (specially RANGED) I mean WTF??? All in all, these are the most glaring balancing issues that I have come across.