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  1. Axezo

    Concerns about Dying Light 2

    Agreed. This could get extremely annoying. Although, I feel like it would make the game more tactical which is what they said they were trying to do.
  2. Axezo

    Lockpicks are buggy

    Lockpick durability carries over. So if you unlock a crate near when a lockpick is about to break, it will break instantly on the next crate.
  3. Well, the virus started in Old Town so an increase in infected is logically correct. Also, the point of old town is to stay on the roofs and do missions and stuff stealthily. Also, remember to use melee weapons for a majority of the time as noise brings virals to you.
  4. Axezo

    My game crashes when starting a mission

    Have you tried verifying the steam files? Open up steam, Right click on Dying Light, Click on Properties, Then go to Local Files and click Verify Integrity Of Game Files. If this doesn't fix the problem, try reinstalling the game.