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  1. Yeah,just want to echo what Kodiak412 said,it's a great game! Don't wanna say anymore so as to not spoil it for ya hehe. Enjoy the game guys.
  2. That does not mean others haven't experienced glitches and what not from games. Destiny(as Airsickhydra has also mentioned) is one game that comes to mind that's glitched to the s hithouse,and still has not been properly sorted and fixed. And you think that game devs want to leave glitches and bugs in their games? For what reason? Games,are not as simple as you may think. There's a lot of coding involved. If you think you can make a glitch and bug free game,I'd like to see it. Otherwise,be considerate and understanding of the complexities in making a game.
  3. Zombie-Hunter

    Spam Invasion

    Can a Techland mod implement a CAPTCHA("Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart") system in this forum to stop this spamming once and for all? This way Techland won't even need to moderate this forum so often. Win win.
  4. Zombie-Hunter

    Another Beat The Zombie Game.

    Devs do not make games for gamers. They make games to their specification first and foremost. It's impossible to make a game that fits everyones' wants and expectations,period. You either like it or you don't.
  5. Zombie-Hunter

    Dying Light Universe

    True. But it can also go both ways seeing that zombies are make believe. We really don't know if a zombies' bodily hair will grow or fall of due to the fact they're nonexistent. The fact that hair is made of keratin,which is a protein. And guess what zombies eat? But of course,this is just specualtion.
  6. Zombie-Hunter

    Whats Up With The Spam, Where Are The Mods ?

    They've also targeted the Evolve Forums as well as I've witnessed the same love,marriage BS. Not sure if it's on any other gaming forums as well. I've even asked one of the mods here to see if he can perhaps ban their ip? But that hasn't happened I'm guessing as it's back again.
  7. Zombie-Hunter

    Weapon Loot And Drops Mechanic

    Ah ok,fair enough.We'll,I find that you can get some pretty cool weapons out of the police vans but you have to pick their locks first.Clearing the area around the police vans will give you stress free lock picking.
  8. Zombie-Hunter

    This Game Is Too Hard!

    Yeah,you got it man!That's pretty much what I did from the get go was just roaming,jumping(building to building), and parkour for a good hour or two just to familiarise myself with the basics. Before you know it,these movements will become second nature to you. Don't be afraid to use a particular weapon as you'll get better and stronger ones as you progress.I had to delete a lot of my unused weapons when I found better ones.
  9. Zombie-Hunter

    Modifying Guns

    An under barrel grenade launcher for the assault/police rifle. Nuff said.
  10. Zombie-Hunter

    Weapon Loot And Drops Mechanic

    Not to run it in,but I think I've tried/used pretty much(almost) every weapon there is in the game.From the weapons you've posted to climbers picks,knives(throwing),butcher/slaughter cleavers,sledgehammers,axes,machetes,sickles etched. I could be wrong,but as far as I know,your current rank determines your weapon drops and they are random so it really depends on the weapons available with your vendor/npc. Sorry to hear that you didn't get to try out the different weapon types. Hopefully that will change soon. What I reckon would be fun is if you could cut a zombies arm/leg and use that as a weapon.imagine smacking zombies around with their limbs and blood splatter flying everywhere.
  11. Zombie-Hunter

    Ultimate Challenge

    Yeah,good luck with that man. Some parts of the game,you can go at 'em without any weapons. Then there are parts of the game that would be very difficult without using weapons at all.
  12. Zombie-Hunter

    This Game Is Too Hard!

    Like others have said,don't try and take on too many enemies if your rank is low. Try to avoid groups(if your abilities or weapons aren't up to scratch or not strong enough) whenever possible. Learning how to control your character first(running,jumping,parkour etc) is more important than starting any mission. A good tradesman never blames his tools,and so a gamer should never blame his controller. I really think you should keep honing your character(Kyle Cranes') skills before taking on anymore missions as I it'll make your gameplay much more enjoyable. For me,the game is not hard at all,perhaps even a little on the easy side.
  13. Zombie-Hunter

    Forum Spammer

    If anyone from Techland is moderating this forum,can you guys please ban this spammers' ip? It was just one or 2 at first,but now it's covering the forum with their BS spam. It's stupid to even post this kind of chupacabra in this forum as no one is gonna even bother clicking on it.
  14. Zombie-Hunter

    Global Relief Effort Website

    Had no bloody idea such a site even exists!
  15. Zombie-Hunter

    Microsoft Ruined This Game For Me

    I can't understand it either,but this is my take.. Regions/markets with a greater purchase/profit of said game will benefit from a cheaper price and vice versa. I'd like to think of it as bulk buy=cheaper price.
  16. Zombie-Hunter

    Let Down

    Before you go off on the devs,just think before you type. Game companies like(Techland) make games for a living. Wouldn't you think that they'd tried many different button configurations before settling on one that works? I and many other gamers don't seem to have a problem with the button configuration. As a matter of fact,it works really well what with the running,jumping and parkour abilities the character(Kyle Crane) has. I've said it in another post,and as others have stated that the button configuration in Dying Light works AND makes sense. It would be counter-intuitive otherwise. I guess you'll just have to adapt or...move along I guess.
  17. Zombie-Hunter

    Forum Spammer

  18. Zombie-Hunter

    Forum Spammer

    lol There's a lot of swear words,foul language you cannot use in this forum. Think I'll have to keep bumping this post til' someone from Techland notices what's happening. bump
  19. Zombie-Hunter

    Forum Spammer

    Yeah man,I just logged on and was like WTF?? lol Nah,best is to ban their ip. They can make multiple accounts under the one ip.
  20. Zombie-Hunter

    Ps4 Fps

    Haven't had any frame rate issues on PS4. Game played silky smooth from start to finish. Perhaps check the cable or the monitor if they're faulty?
  21. Zombie-Hunter

    Zombies Spawning Right Behind You.

    Any noise/sound attracts them,then they come running to the source.Perhaps you were spotted by one of them without you knowing,hence why you got attacked? I've had plenty of moments/instances where I've been extra quiet at night,but still got attacked.
  22. Zombie-Hunter

    Please Add Checkpoint Saves To Final Mission

    Just run up to the baby,silence(kill) it and just keep running. What I found that helped was using a stamina booster. Make sure you activate the stamina booster before the screamer(baby).
  23. Zombie-Hunter

    Something I'd Like To Admit..

    I'm all in support of companies that make great games.
  24. Zombie-Hunter

    I'm Back Great Game Techland

    I give it a 10/10. Had no probs whatsoever from start to finish. Best zombie game I've played in a long while.