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  1. Ahmet Ibrahim

    Will we get Developer Tools with Dying Light 2 ??

    It takes a lot of money and resources to add modding/ developer tools. The DL developer tools didn't add that much value to the game (for most peope), especially if you were a console player. Techland have released games in the past with Dev Tools and then released a new title without Dev Tools (ie: Call of Juarez: Gunslinger). My hunch is they put more effort into the base game and all of it's content, which is fair enough.
  2. Ahmet Ibrahim

    Will we get Developer Tools with Dying Light 2 ??

    I'd put my money on there not being an editor
  3. Ahmet Ibrahim

    Tutorials re upload

    Thanks cr1m3!
  4. Ahmet Ibrahim

    Where to take first mod-steps and...

    If you intend on trying to add things like this into the base game, I don't think you will have any luck. The Developer Tools are great for creating custom project though with endless possibilities!
  5. Oh sorry I did misunderstand you. I have no idea what could be causing this problem if even new projects are effected... Is no project what so ever working? Not even a workshop project if you install it?
  6. I can guarantee that there is something in these files that is not working properly. I used that have this issue and started making daily back ups of that file incase I messed something up. Try removing them files and see if the containers work. If they work, at least you know where the problem is!
  7. Have you been editing the property files for containers? Sound like one of the files are broken!
  8. Ahmet Ibrahim


    data / maps / common_texts_all.xlsx /.bin
  9. Ahmet Ibrahim


    This represents to probability of an object spawning. So if a cup had weight 1.0 and a plate had weight 100.0 - you'll rarely see a cup in a container! This is correct. I would recommend you create the script in a custom map, compile the .xml file using the give-weapon phase and try copying it into the first quest of the game. Would recommend you use File Locator to find the necessary files to make this edit: https://www.mythicsoft.com/filelocatorlite/download/ You could find the text script in game for the first quest, search that in common_text_all.xlsx which would be in data/ maps but I believe might be already packed in an .bin state so you would need to download it - might be here: http://dldt.byethost16.com/wiki/index.php/Main_Page Then find the reference for that text and use File Locator to find which .xml quest file it relates to and add the give-weapon phase. Not 100% sure if it would work but I guess it could! In regards to you loot container issue, I'm not sure what is causing the problem. There's definitely something not working with the loot containers which is what causes them not to spawn anything in. Would recommend some trail and error with the things you added to that file and any other related files you may have edited! Try replacing all the modded files back to their normal ones and copying your ones back in one by one until something breaks. Again, good luck!
  10. Ahmet Ibrahim


    1. I believe that if you incorrectly format something in that file, it will cause the issue you are having. You are definitely doing something wrong in this file. Are you adding new LootedObject types? 2. If you want to add stuff to the starting player inventory, I guess you could try editing the XML quest script and use the "give-weapon" phase. I've being using bundle_items to give players loads of stuff using that phase (in a custom map though not campain - but I assume it would be possible) 3. Zombies spawn in different ways. There are crowd spawners, box spawners and navmesh spawners (which I know much less about). Unfortunately, I'm not able to offer much advise for this one! Good luck
  11. Posted in the Steam Discussion page for Dying Light: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/18446744073709551615/1657817111846003123/?appid=239140
  12. Ahmet Ibrahim

    Cutscene help

    The ingame options is for movies that will play whilst the player is in the game. This shouldn't effect the camera unless you mess around with it!
  13. You could potential overhaul all the weapons in Dying Light to fit your personal tastes! Would take a long time though! Personally, I'd rather have a smaller amount of weapons without a "rarity" system
  14. Just delete your save once you die?
  15. Ahmet Ibrahim

    Need help with this god forsaken quest scripting

    Firstly, this will help - all the information you will need to start creating quest scripts: http://dldt.byethost16.com/wiki/index.php/Main_Page Secondly: Make sure you have compiled your script!