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  1. Ahmet Ibrahim

    Cutscene help

    The ingame options is for movies that will play whilst the player is in the game. This shouldn't effect the camera unless you mess around with it!
  2. You could potential overhaul all the weapons in Dying Light to fit your personal tastes! Would take a long time though! Personally, I'd rather have a smaller amount of weapons without a "rarity" system
  3. Just delete your save once you die?
  4. Ahmet Ibrahim

    Need help with this god forsaken quest scripting

    Firstly, this will help - all the information you will need to start creating quest scripts: http://dldt.byethost16.com/wiki/index.php/Main_Page Secondly: Make sure you have compiled your script!
  5. Ahmet Ibrahim

    the save folder is just huge

    Yeh this is true. My 2+ GB project when downloaded from steam is only 500MB
  6. Ahmet Ibrahim

    the save folder is just huge

    I get what you mean but I'm not sure how you can make your project folder any smaller! Hopefully someone might discover a new way
  7. Ahmet Ibrahim

    the save folder is just huge

    My project folder is currently 2.15 GB (with all the .log files deleted)
  8. Ahmet Ibrahim

    Patch 1.18 (25th June) broke the Developer Tools

    It was the latest patch (June 25th) which caused the issue, not the June 6th patch like everyone else. I have however managed to figure out the issue! My crash was related between the newest development tools patch and my input scripts. Not sure why the newest patch caused this crash.
  9. Ahmet Ibrahim

    Patch 1.18 (25th June) broke the Developer Tools

    My operating system: Windows 10 Things I've already tried that didn't work: > Reinstall Dying Light and the Dying Light Developer Tools > Disconnecting additional displays > Running in Windows 8 compatibility mode > Reinstalled Microsoft Visual C++ and updated .NET framework Everything used to work fine but these update to Dying Light and the developer tools are causing major issues! My suggestion: Release old buildings of the Dying Light Developer Tools to see if I can get my project to work on those builds!
  10. I am aware that the Patch 1.18 (June 6th) broke the developer tools for certain people. Specifically: they could not test their project in the editor. I am also aware that the Patch 1.18 (June 25th) release fixed this issue for certain people. I never had the issue of not being able to test my project in the editor on June 6th. But now have this issue on the latest release on June 25th which saddens me a great deal. The Dying Light developers have listened to the community and released a new update for the Developer Tools which is great and I'm praying that they will listen to and help me also. I'm using the Developer Tools to build my professional game design portfolio and this issue is a major setback. I am unable to finish my work and have spent 2 years working on this editor. I will be creating a support tickets and will use this thread to see if there are any fellow developers having this issue and updating everyone on my progress.