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  1. bitjagdash

    Brushes - Painting Grass

    When I go to select a brush for grass it brings up a window, but I can't figure out where to put my custom .png or even find another png for the grass. It's just blank
  2. bitjagdash

    No Time and weather change in custom map

    hey man, this definitely changed something. But I can't get back the time of day. Can someone explain this a bit more clearly?
  3. bitjagdash

    Import Model - Not showing up

    So I just modelled a thing, for the sake of argument and wasting any time. To debug this issue, I've drawn a simple cube in 3ds max. Now, applied a material to it, just a basic box. Then go through the import process in the dev tools. The object just comes up blank. I've tried exporting it at different versions and everything, and still nothing.
  4. bitjagdash

    NavMesh preventing me from Launching Test

    A few of these are so random, but I just tried all this and still nothing. It's definitely on their end.
  5. bitjagdash

    NavMesh preventing me from Launching Test

    Right? Lots of issues happening for me and a friend of mine
  6. bitjagdash

    NavMesh preventing me from Launching Test

    ahhh the navmesh gets corrupted when I add a crowd spawner. So, started a new map, everything worked when I added a navmesh, but then added a crowd spawner and it crashes again. Added generic spawners, and it is still crashing.
  7. bitjagdash

    NavMesh preventing me from Launching Test

    Okay removed everything except the terrain, navmesh, and the player spawn Could it be this line here? [159252] 14:57:12.049 Generate Map Portals succeeded. [159253] 14:57:12.067 [CGameEditor::SaveGameModule] start [159254] 14:57:12.068 [CLevel::SaveChunks] grid saved [159255] 14:57:12.068 [CLevel::SaveChunks] terrain end [159256] 14:57:12.068 [CLevel::SaveChunks] trees [159257] 14:57:12.068 [CLevel::SaveChunks] trees end [159258] 14:57:12.068 [CLevel::SaveChunks] mesh visibility parameters start [159259] 14:57:12.078 [CLevel::SaveChunks] mesh visibility parameters end [159260] 14:57:12.078 [CLevel::SaveChunks] grid objects sort [159261] 14:57:12.078 [CLevel::SaveChunks] grid objects save [159262] 14:57:12.078 [CLevel::SaveChunks] gs objects sort [159263] 14:57:12.078 [CLevel::SaveChunks] gs objects save [159264] 14:57:12.078 [CLevel::SaveChunks] gs objects saved [159265] 14:57:12.078 [CLevel::SaveChunks] movies [159266] 14:57:12.078 [CLevel::SaveChunks] movies end [159267] 14:57:12.078 [CLevel::SaveChunks] occluders [159268] 14:57:12.078 [CLevel::SaveChunks] terrain v.2 [159269] 14:57:12.078 [CLevel::SaveChunks] Terrain v.2 end [159270] 14:57:12.078 [CLevel::SaveChunks] roads [159271] 14:57:12.079 [CLevel::SaveChunks] roads end [159272] 14:57:12.079 [CLevel::SaveChunks] decals end [159273] 14:57:12.079 [CLevel::SaveChunks] shapes [159274] 14:57:12.079 [CLevel::SaveChunks] shapes end [159275] 14:57:12.079 [CLevel::SaveChunks] lofter [159276] 14:57:12.079 [CLevel::SaveChunks] lofter end [159277] 14:57:12.079 [CLevel::SaveChunks] CGSObject data [159278] 14:57:12.079 [CLevel::SaveChunks] CGSObject data [159279] 14:57:12.079 [CLevel::SaveChunks] Envprobes [159280] 14:57:12.079 [CGameEditor::SaveGameModule] end [159281] 14:57:12.104 Save module succeeded. [159282] 14:57:13.945 Generate Map Portals succeeded. [159283] 14:57:13.947 Quest Hubs succeeded. [159284] 14:57:14.032 [CGameEditor::SaveGameModule] start [159285] 14:57:14.032 [CLevel::SaveChunks] grid saved [159286] 14:57:14.032 [CLevel::SaveChunks] terrain end [159287] 14:57:14.032 [CLevel::SaveChunks] trees [159288] 14:57:14.032 [CLevel::SaveChunks] trees end [159289] 14:57:14.032 [CLevel::SaveChunks] mesh visibility parameters start [159290] 14:57:14.037 [CLevel::SaveChunks] mesh visibility parameters end [159291] 14:57:14.037 [CLevel::SaveChunks] grid objects sort [159292] 14:57:14.037 [CLevel::SaveChunks] grid objects save [159293] 14:57:14.037 [CLevel::SaveChunks] gs objects sort [159294] 14:57:14.037 [CLevel::SaveChunks] gs objects save [159295] 14:57:14.037 [CLevel::SaveChunks] gs objects saved [159296] 14:57:14.037 [CLevel::SaveChunks] movies [159297] 14:57:14.037 [CLevel::SaveChunks] movies end [159298] 14:57:14.038 [CLevel::SaveChunks] occluders [159299] 14:57:14.038 [CLevel::SaveChunks] terrain v.2 [159300] 14:57:14.038 [CLevel::SaveChunks] Terrain v.2 end [159301] 14:57:14.038 [CLevel::SaveChunks] roads [159302] 14:57:14.039 [CLevel::SaveChunks] roads end [159303] 14:57:14.039 [CLevel::SaveChunks] decals end [159304] 14:57:14.039 [CLevel::SaveChunks] shapes [159305] 14:57:14.039 [CLevel::SaveChunks] shapes end [159306] 14:57:14.039 [CLevel::SaveChunks] lofter end [159307] 14:57:14.039 [CLevel::SaveChunks] CGSObject data [159308] 14:57:14.039 [CLevel::SaveChunks] CGSObject data [159309] 14:57:14.039 [CLevel::SaveChunks] Envprobes [159310] 14:57:14.039 [CGameEditor::SaveGameModule] end [159311] 14:57:14.052 Save module succeeded. [159312] 14:57:14.053 Compile map succeeded. [159313] 14:57:14.055 [CSocket::Send]: <send> error: WSAECONNRESET [159314] 14:57:14.055 [CEventServer::BroadcastEvent] : lost connection to: Removed the terrain, replaced it with new blocks, still not working.
  8. Hey guys, I've read in another thread that someone was having an error with an animal class or something in their object list. However, this is not the case I've looked in my assets and there isn't anything like that. Now, if I build after I've removed the navmesh entirely, the game launches and I can move around the map. So I know the navmesh is conflicting with something when ever I add it in. I've been going through every object and removing them but I seriously cannot find the source of this issue. Am I missing something? I've removed over 90% of my map and narrowed in towards 0.0 but still keeps freezing when I go to load it with the navmesh. Here's a screenshot of the "affected" area.