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  1. Nasty_Freak

    Thanks Techland - Sincere

    Oh I've not finished my second story mission yet because I did all my side missions and I've been very busy (mostly in the Philippines with no Internet). I come back here and I'm wondering if they foxed the damage rate of the BuzzKiller! If not please do so Techland!!! Thank you.
  2. Nasty_Freak

    Gold Tier Weapon

    I'd want a Gold tier Buzzsaw weapon!!!
  3. Nasty_Freak

    Zombie Hookers

    That would be AWESOME!!!
  4. Nasty_Freak

    Thank You Techland!

    And also please have our BuzzKiller be as strong as our levels and not stay in one level. Meaning, it has to have more damage that 80 something when I make it with a hammer that is over 2000 damage!!! It's one of the most intimating and cool weapons so please make sure that it lives up to its name and my description of it Techland!!! Thank you. The BuzzKiller should be like an intimidating boss if it was a character not some kind of mediocre character in a boss position. I should not feel like it reminds me of Shinnok as the last boss in MK4 or Dark Phoenix as a boss in X-Men Next Dimensions (yes both characters were weak in those games even though Phoenix was still fun to play as). If the BuzzKiller was a character, it should remind me of Shao Kahn from the older MK games, God Rugal from Capcom vs SNK, Orochi from King of Fighters 97, and Magaki from King of Fighters XI!
  5. Nasty_Freak

    Thank You For The Hard Difficulty!

    ***Just please have us be able to pause the game when we're in he inventory!!! So here is what I plan to do with this game... 1. Beat it in Normal Mode (currently on it). 2. Beat it in Normal Mode (new game plus). 3. Beat it in Hard Mode (new game plus part 2). 4 and above. Maybe the same thing as number 2 or 3.
  6. Nasty_Freak

    New Update For Dying Light! [Special Thanks]

  7. Nasty_Freak

    Request For Girl Character In Co-Op Mode

    Several female skins would be nice even if it was Kyle Crane himself dressed in drag.
  8. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!! I do want my DLC weapons to be leveled like me when I'm leveled up!!!
  9. Nasty_Freak

    Specialty Weapons

    I hope there will be a high tier buzz saw weapon that's stronger then the buzz killer or there should be like a better version of the buzz killer.
  10. Nasty_Freak

    Motion Sickness

    I get no more sickness btw. I just look at the dot.
  11. Nasty_Freak

    So Where Did You Died The First Time ?

    Rahim's parkour training! LMAO That was the same day I got the game. Lol
  12. Nasty_Freak

    Disappointed With Pre-Order...

    They should've had 1 usable from the start already and have us search for more items to make another one of the same weapon!!!
  13. Nasty_Freak

    Info On Ultimate Survival Bundle And Hard Mode

    Yes! The Ninja Outfit is here!!!
  14. I am but I'm not moving on with the story until I get that Ninja Outfit! Plus, I'm going to the Philippines on March 21. I can give you a Lacerator some time if I feel like I don't need it. But the BuzzKiller must be mine. (Yet I haven't found a hammer yet. Lol) Also, I'm supposed to do my second story mission (the "airdrop") but o just try to level up myself by attacking zombies when I have the time to play. Nonetheless, here is my account and please let me know who you are when you add me. (Your name in this forum and that you're from this forums. Thank you.) - Cassandra_Jade