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  1. DeadlyMax

    Localized text dosen't exist

    I have fixed it all, but now there is the next problem... I have made the Queat Items to QuestLootableItems, but now when I try the Quest there are Only insiveble Items &fakeitem& and when i pick them up, they don't appear in my inventory
  2. DeadlyMax

    Localized text dosen't exist

    <<<?xml version="1.0"?>>> QuestsDefinitions -level=wdl_01 quest Crash quest CrashEpilog -parent=Crash -final=true ,wait <<wait 5seconds>> 5 ,goto <<go>> ModelObject strasse 1 -distance=5 -obj=&CrashEpilog_Go Localizied text dosen't exist : CrashEpilog_Go ,semaphore <<No credits>> !String(s,s) String("Crash_Name", "Crash") String("CrashEpilog_Name", "Epilog") String("Crash_Desc", "You've crashed, take your Stuff and find a save place") String("CrashEpilog_Desc", "You've crashed! Take your Stuff and find a save place") String("Crash_Item_Pistol", "My Pistol") String("Crash_Take", "Take your Weapons") String("Crash_Go", "Find a save Place") String("CrashEpilog_Go", "Find 'The Fortress'") What went wrong?...I can't the the Mistake And also when I wrote &Crash_Item_Pistol& in the destription of the Quest Item (Pistol) The name dosenĀ“t change to "My Pistol" Thank for your help Guys ^^ Cheers Max