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  1. SolDayClashYT

    Dev Tools assistance

    K thx for helping me with that. I do have one last Question tho. Is there a way to make a normal trigger make an exploding object blow up? Like, once the Player uses this object the bomb on it should blow up. Can you help me out w/ that please?
  2. SolDayClashYT

    Dev Tools assistance

    Welp there is no tutorial in adding custom music. Only adding Music to certain objects from the game itself, or meshes like objects which have nothing to do with music. The Internet is kinda empty and I couldn`t find any informations regarding my problem. (sadly)
  3. SolDayClashYT

    Dev Tools assistance

    ok I did everything you said, now where can I find my imported music? Y'know, to select it as an "ambient zone music"
  4. SolDayClashYT

    Dev Tools assistance

    Sorry for being late but I still have a Question. Is there a way to add custom music in game like the one from harran shelter co-op? I got a small music that would fit my upcoming map in the Workshop but idk how to do that.
  5. SolDayClashYT

    About co-op

    no, you both require the DLC in order to play together
  6. SolDayClashYT

    Dev Tools Glitch

    I meant ladders, not stairs. Sorry for answering so late but it was not a glitch. I made a mistake and that was classifiying the ladder as a stair…. That was my mistake but still thx for taking your time answering to my comment
  7. SolDayClashYT

    Dev Tools Glitch

    When I placed stairs the character couldn´t climb them because it was an object, but once I changed the type of the stairs into ones the character can climb, they would disappear once I would start the game. Can anyone explain me why this thing happens? is it a glitch or something?
  8. SolDayClashYT

    Dev Tools assistance

    thx man!
  9. SolDayClashYT

    Dev Tools assistance

    Regarding object placements. Is there a way to copy and paste mutliple (single) selected objects? This may sound as a stupid question but so far I didn´t even see in any DevTools Video how to do that.