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  1. I'm not sure if I'm tremendously stupid or unlucky, but I can't make a single quest. I've watched every single DL quest editing video 8 times in a row, yet I still can't make this work. I'm literally 1 nerve away from punching a hole in my monitor. All I want to do is a quest where the player should: -use a valve and reach a point. But I simply cannot do it. I do have Notepad++ and also did the whole file saving thing in the map's data but it is simply not working. If someone is going to volunteerly help me, I'd greatly appreciate that. I really don't how how the Notepad++ scripting thing works.
  2. SolDayClashYT

    Mirror surface

    Not sure how to make such a thing. But there's one object that literally reflects and works like a mirror. It's a small weapon either axe or machette. Maybe you can find it and try increasing it's size. I'll search for that weapon and as soon as I find it, I'll let you know
  3. SolDayClashYT

    Object won't open when using the antenna module trigger

    hm, they told me that my graphics driver was outdated, so I installed the newest version 2k19. Then they told me to go check Dying Light crash logs (which has literally nothing to do w/ the custom map) I also provided them a video but so far this has been a huge waste of time. I think that only the devs can fix it.
  4. SolDayClashYT

    Object won't open when using the antenna module trigger

    Nothing, they can't provide any help. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. I know this may sound ridiculous but can you send them a ticket regarding that bug? I sent like 3 of them, but none fixed the bug.
  5. SolDayClashYT

    Object won't open when using the antenna module trigger

    I checked the whole list, and it says that this type of trigger is broken. But whenever I click on the "issue tracker" button, the site simply does nothing. Can you maybe help me out w/ that?
  6. I've been testing some different triggers within the tools, however, there's two interesting objects. Those are the radio_module_plug_replace and radio_module_plug_out. If you use this sort of trigger, the animation will play, however the object won't do any sorts of changings (it simply stays,, the only thing you can see is an invisible animation). Can someone explain me why does that happen? Is it a glitch or does it require some sort of cutscene to work properly?
  7. SolDayClashYT

    How to make a sensor trigger a cutscene?

    thanks for the help!
  8. So far so good, but I still can't make a good use of them sensors. I'm trying to make a small cutscene, which should be triggered once the player enters a small area and touches the sensor (without the quest scripting) but I can't make it work because it either spawns as a solid, visible block or doesn't trigger anything at all.
  9. SolDayClashYT

    Patch 1.18 (25th June) broke the Developer Tools

    Techland just released a new patch for the dev tools. Try it and tell me if it works now.
  10. SolDayClashYT

    NavMesh preventing me from Launching Test

    Yep, no longer crashes. Glad Techland didn't let us dry like the weed in the day of reckon.
  11. SolDayClashYT

    NavMesh preventing me from Launching Test

    So, did they patch the Tools? Or do I also have to download, re-download and delete stuff?
  12. SolDayClashYT

    Dying Light

    I wonder if some players are doing this on purpose
  13. SolDayClashYT

    NavMesh preventing me from Launching Test

    K so, since there is no new Information regarding this sort of error, I'll take it as a bug that cannot be fixed by the player.
  14. SolDayClashYT

    NavMesh preventing me from Launching Test

    Jesus Christ is it so hard as a developer to make a quick patch for the tools, rather than making players go through hell in order to make dev tools work? I personally give up. I also tried everything and so far it still crashes
  15. SolDayClashYT

    NavMesh preventing me from Launching Test

    now this is getting ridiculous.