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  1. Was fun tonight, join me next week for another game giveaway!
  2. Was nice to get back in to DL after a long break, I forgot how much fun it is!
  3. I bought this game on release for PS4 and enjoyed it so much I am streaming the whole thing from scratch on PC, come join the the zombie smash!
  4. Hey guys I completed DL and Bozak on PS4 but loved it so much I am doing it again on PC and will be streaming it also, if you fancy joining me then jump in my stream sometime and say hello!
  5. Hey guys, I just wondered as I completed DL on PS4 and have now moved on to PC, if I buy DL on Steam would my companion app drops etc and dockets carry over or would I need to level up the companion app on a new account? And if I had dockets left over not claimed, could I now claim them Steam? Thanks
  6. MadMcardle

    Dying Light 2

    Hey guys, I know I have not posted here much or in a long time (since I got platinum on PS4) but I recently found out that Dying Light 2 is in the making, and would just like to say I can't wait for it, DL was one of my favourite games on PS4 and having the companion app was a great addition too, I loved that I could do something on my phone to reward me in-game later when I got home, so please carry this on in DL 2. If you are going to give some reward from DL to DL 2 I think that would be cool. I am actually thinking about buying DL again now I have moved over to PC and doing it all again I enjoyed it that much. All in all guys great work on DL and I can't wait for DL 2 no matter how long away we are talking!
  7. MadMcardle

    Opening Tires

    Does it do anything?
  8. MadMcardle

    Polyamory Trophy Ps4

    Got this done now. Oh and you don't seem to be able to give the bow to anyone else
  9. MadMcardle

    Polyamory Trophy Ps4

    I need 3 peeps to do this trophy, will give you a Bozak bow in return if you don't have it already, am online now. Thanks Add me PSN:MadMcardle
  10. I have done the Bozak Horde now, but still need 3 players to get a trophy, can give you the bozak bow in return if you don't already have it
  11. Hey I have a couple of trophies left to get and need some help with the Bozak Horde, gotta get that beautiful bow Add me, PSN:MadMcardle PS4 Thanks
  12. MadMcardle

    [Updated] Eu Preload Ps4

    Have you tried restoring your licence Daryl?
  13. MadMcardle

    [Updated] Eu Preload Ps4

    Auto download didn't start but just tried to download and it is working, 5.24GB had to select single or multiplayer which I thought was odd.
  14. MadMcardle

    [Updated] Eu Preload Ps4

    Positive thinking my man :-D