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  1. Lmfao#2 but your first game was never fixed or right ever to begin with hahahaha SCAM ARTIST EVERYONE BEWARE
  2. FtechlandTrash

    Co-Op Issues On Xbox One

    Lmfao this company is a full and complete joke. This dumbass chupacabra told me online coop wasn’t working because I have a Xbox 1 x yoooo someone needs to smack these scam artists. Hahahaha “restart you router” “restart your Xbox” “are you game shared?” “Are you playing on the same internet?” y’all are good at asking dumb ask questions and saying its our fault ur game has been broke since 2015 don’t worry your next game won’t even sell half as much as the first. IGN is gonna out y’all pussys. And to the chupacabra dumbass on the phone stop reading off a chupacabra 2015 How to sheet like a studdering chupacabra get a new job bc you can’t read and talk for chupacabra. I told you how ur game was and you were scared over the phobut like I said less that half of your last game I would love to hear a reply from y’all lmfao