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    Huge bug from the game

    Hello everybody im just going to copy paste what i just send to techland idk how is that even possible i really hope that there is something that can me done. "Hello first of all english is not my native language so im sorry for some mistakes, my problem is that when i was waiting for my friend to join me on my session i was somehow transfered on another sessions (i dont know how because i was preparing my self for the next invasion, i was buying ammo and all that stuff and the next scene was the loading screen and i was put in old town with some dude who was not even there (hes name was in the corner but i couldnt see hes icon on the map nowwhere) from there the game disconnected me and put me back on loading screen and i was like "ok its putting me back on following" but to my surprise it was not the following because on the loading screen it was "The tower" mission, when it loaded it was the scene where crane is waking up and some childrens are smiling i imediatly quitted the game and went on playing > following and then i saw that my save is overwritten by the tower mission, i cant go back to following and when i try to load from the missions i only have a choice beetwen "pact with rais" or "gainin credence" i tried them both and it put me in the slums, thats not the problem the problem is when i was getting disconected from the session the game loaded The tower instead on The Following, so im basicly screwed, how to go back???" I cant even play the following any more because whan i load the save i start in the slums,and i cant delete the save because its going te delete all my progress both main game and following its crazy