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    Hey guys nothing to see here. No really, there's seriously nothing to see here. Still nothing to see. Yo yo, I'm totally legit man. Nothing fishy, no hack, no lie. That feel when...you can't even see the whole bar... O LAWDY, WHAT CHANCE DOTH US MERE MONSTERS HAVE? (btw he almost lost, had 1 life left, I pity the foo) MORON IN QUESTION - https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198242479100/ ---------------------- So that begs the question, what now, Techland? Am I supposed to fire up my own hacks to combat this? It would be trivial to find or write my own, but should I bother? I'm having fun playing the Night Hunter most of the time, balance issues aside. Then this clowncar of a moron shows up. Melee doesn't hurt him, only slams. Since I only just prestiged, I have nothing. I unlock a spit, it can kill him, pouncing can. But there's...that...UV! Can't get away from it because he can stealth whenever he wants, and always keeps up with me. What a fun and exciting match. I think I'd rather bleach my arsehole with turpentine and light it on fire. But...I just...O...o... O lawdy, I just want to give the hummies some good ole horror night! Too bad at least 20% of people I encounter are suspicious and about 1 in 20 are like this. Kinda...ruins the mood. Especially those idiots using the exploits to backslide and sideslide and all other manners of stupidity. I mean, I know it's in the game but...holy hell in a handbasket, no please. Anyways, hope someone laughed at this. I was salty for about...20 minutes and got over it. Have fun!