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    Waiting for Dying Light to finally come out
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  1. LovableWierdo

    An Idea For Some Dlc/ A Mod

    To make the Volatiles like a skin or something to resemble the infected from "I Am Legend".. It would be terrifying!
  2. Ah I missed it since I ran away after I nearly melted... :/ I got it early on in the game... So I thought it was invunerable... For whatever reason...
  3. LovableWierdo

    Dying Light Soundtrack Giveaway

    Same here! Care to give a hint...?
  4. LovableWierdo

    No Blocking...., Zombie "stumble" And Human Npc Op

    Saw this xD Fatman drop hahahah
  5. LovableWierdo

    Sniper Rifle?

  6. LovableWierdo

    No Blocking...., Zombie "stumble" And Human Npc Op

    Are you sure you just arent that good? I can kill a bunch of them with relative ease you probably just need to level up or avoid them
  7. LovableWierdo

    Once You Beat The Game Questions

    You do still level up after finishing the main missions so yiu can free roam and do side missions etc
  8. LovableWierdo

    Complete The Game Without Upgrade Skill

    That is going to be very difficult, good luck
  9. Yeah I just wanted it back anyway I have katanas and stuff it was mainly as a trophy weapon Anybody got the wingsuit yet?
  10. LovableWierdo

    Dying Light Soundtrack Giveaway

    Either the time I dropkicked a zombie into somebody elses weapon or..... Vaulting over a friend to save another friend by DFA-ing one of Rais' men in slow mo Felt like such a badass
  11. LovableWierdo

    My Favorite Small Touch

    I hadnt even noticed, Ishall look for this later...
  12. LovableWierdo

    Night Hunter Needs A Buff

    Yeah it could be fixed, but you dont want an overpowered zombie... That would ruin it...
  13. LovableWierdo

    I Love This Game

    Hahahah same problem here but as you said its rare so meh So fun good job Techland
  14. LovableWierdo

    Someone Give This Game Some Awards!

    Haven't they already recieved a bunch of awards? And IKR I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH Old Town is amazing, but you can still come back to Slums if you prefered playing there Best game I have ever bought
  15. LovableWierdo

    Dear Techland, I Won't Be Buying. :(

    Its to make the characters story more personal And why does it matter anyway? There are games where you are forced to be female, nobody is complaining about that... Maybe stop moaning please?