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  1. when FS 19 comes out it'll be messed up to in some way, The game may not be perfect but it's fun.... And hay guess what any game I have ever played hasn't been perfect.
  2. teleworm1337

    Tractor glitch, time glitch and other bugs

    The header trailer floated so high I couldn't attach it with the harvester or mount the header back on the harvester so I had to sell and buy it again. Remedy seems to be to always leave the trailer attached to the harvester when not using it for periods of time GBWhatsApp
  3. teleworm1337

    Some random questions

    What I also can't find is how I know that I am buying the right tool. I am on a side mission where I have to harvest a barley field. But when I go to the equipment store, I don't know what header I have to buy.