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    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    Hi I woke up, started grinding my last mutation skills on my NH. got ranked up to Widowmaker (sweet) joined another game that i knew i should avoid because the host name is %COLOR(a set of numbers).... now i assume this is a clan or something but i came across them on all levels of mutation with my NH and they are just unfairly overpowered against me and im no newbie i can tell when a fight at least fair when i lose. Anyway. Long story short I joined my second game of the day and as soon as i logged in after the NH animation I was spawned in the air, before i dropped the game has ended all nests are destroyed and im ranked down back to Juggernaut. got 2 screenshots too unfortunately i dont have screenshot from their dialogue but it seemed like they know what they were doing and exploiting it for good.