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  1. I agree so much, i love dying light so much, everything in it but after experience the 2 diffrent endings it kinda bummed me out, so ive kinda stoped playing it cuz it made me so sad to even continue, when jade went out the picture i could live with it but didnt like it but i could still live with it but this ending cmon T_T
  2. Niffshou

    Dlc Going Live

    no steam update here in sweden wich is feb 9, 8 am, wich makes me belive i have to wait for steam normal update times wich will be in the evening today
  3. i hate steam right now for not giving me the damn update T_T
  4. Niffshou

    Release Time?

    what i wanna know is the following going to be a midnight release update on steam or one of those late evenings releases like everything else on steam, and i live in sweden btw
  5. Niffshou

    When Is Techland Going To Stop The Hackers?

    Stop the damn cheaters the game isnt fun, Gideon is one of the cheating Hunters
  6. 2 words: Nemesis project or like others said freddy krueger and the others and jason vorhees, i would want his blade and other scary nightmares would be cool! or something new we havent seen before but what i really would want is to find rooms that has been messed up so badly by blood and corpses and all kinds of chupacabra and then a boss battle of the thing that has been locked up there xD to find a room like that would make my day so happy
  7. Niffshou

    Steam Gamers?

    i added u cuz i would love to have a good challange, plus i will try to only do things on night if thats possible to do everything on night harder the more fun imo, so im looking forward to be invaded
  8. Niffshou

    Steam Gamers?

    i think there are shitloads of pc gamers that gonna get it, im one of them for sure and so is my gf. so dont feel lonley lolz xD
  9. Niffshou

    Youtube Monetization Question

    splattercatgaming ftw!
  10. Niffshou


    i would like this option aswell but what im more concernd to is why does it says it releases 27 january and on steam 30 january :S and i pre orderd on steam so i have to wait 3 more days before i can play it? :S