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    Co-Op Issues On Xbox One

    Actually I found out a few days ago from my friend that the online servers for dying light have been shutdown completely. It's sad. Good game. But techland just couldn't fix coop. Dont think I'll be buying the next dying light because of that
  2. TheOutlawPrince

    Co-Op Issues On Xbox One

    Techland. I seriously love yall to death from when dead island came out on the 360. Ive never had the coop issues for dying light when i was on the ps4. Now im on xbox one and i cant join my friends and they cant join me. Ive uninstalled and reinstalled. Ive hard reset my xbox one. Ive reset my router and modem. NOTHING. IS. WORKING. TECHLAND. Yall gotta look into this issue. Its been going on for years now as ive seen from reading everything on this post. Release another patch or something. Please!