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  1. Crinkels

    Thoughts On The New Dlc

    I've ranted about it enough on one of the other threads but ya, they shoulda buffed the firearm legend skill for the dlc....
  2. Crinkels

    Damage Lower Is Insane

    I agree, Techland took way too much away. Yes, a balance was needed but I think they did it wrong. They should have nerfed just the shotguns or strengthend the demolishers.
  3. Crinkels

    Damage Lower Is Insane

    I really hope they do bring the dmg to %500 in a near future patch, I've been trying to get over it but the feeling of popping heads with an smg or rifle is so sweet I need it back
  4. Crinkels

    Damage Lower Is Insane

    Guns are weak on normal+ now too.... Guns are terrible no matter what difficulty you are on now.
  5. Crinkels

    Damage Lower Is Insane

    At least bring the guns up to AT LEAST 500%. I do believe a BALANCE for the guns in the skill tree was a good idea but I think nerfing it to 10% per level is a little to much..... Please change it to 20% per level.
  6. When you leveled up your survivor rank enemies got stronger. Do enemy's now also level up with your legend rank? From what I've seen they don't (250's 2 hitting goons with fists) but I'm not quite sure.
  7. Crinkels

    Ways To Upgrade Legendary Levels

    Yea, tons of people, including some of my friends have thousands of supply crates. If techland makes it so supply crates will go towards legendary levels everyone is gonna be level 100+ the day the enhancements update comes out.
  8. Crinkels

    Is Nightmare Mode Gonna Be Like Hard Mode...annoying

    In nightmare mode all actions will cost stamina ( jumping, landing on a car, running, swinging weapons etc). Also, if you die your progress to your next legendary level is completely reset. For example I'm legend level 12 with 210000 out of 215000, and I die while doing a night supply run I go back to legend level 12 with 0 out of 215000xp. That's a lot of xp gone. Don't die in nightmare mode.
  9. Crinkels

    Reqeust For Bozak Bow Damage Increase

    It's been noted by tons of people in tons of topics, and it's not just the bow, all ranged weapons are underpowered but I bet this will be changed with the enhanced edition free update.
  10. So we know there will be new firearms with the enhanced edition/ the following, but will the firearms be buffed, including the previous guns like the American 9mm and military rifle? Because at later levels I 1 shot volatiles with a baseball bat but can't even 1 shot a biter even with a headshot using my American 9mm or military rifle, this is also the case with rais' men. Please change this!
  11. Crinkels

    The Following

    So the new DLC, name is the title of this topic, is part of the season pass!!! Glad were getting our moneys worth. Apparently the new map is bigger than radio station, slums, and old town combined. Hope we get some new guns too🔫.
  12. Crinkels

    Techland, Dying Light Is Dying

    Gamescon in the first week of August is where we will get more info and, chances are, a release date. Hopefully they will be out before the end of summer.
  13. Crinkels

    Are Guns Important For You Anymore ?

    New trailer, machine pistol at end, someone questioned it on twitter, dying light replies "you have a keen eye." We got more guns, and maybe a buff, coming soon. :DDDDDDDDDDD
  14. Crinkels

    Jealous Of Pc Modders

    Dead? Hmm. I see tons of people on PS4 playing. Lots of people still play to get trophies and to just plain fool around.
  15. Crinkels

    Official Dying Light Grievance 2015

    This should be in the be the zombie part of the forums. :/