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    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    Haha Uncle Pappy Wouldn't it be great though? btw There's another idea I want to suggest which would add to top-tier content. It's a bit complicated to explain but here: The idea is that you could find glyphs in some parts of the game which could be used to go back to previous dungeons. Each glyph could be used to open a deeper, unexplored area in each of the previous dungeons. Now let's imagine you go back to the dungeon of rot, you open deeper areas, go through them and at the end you receive a scroll, and when you read it you could choose a raid reward related to the dungeon theme. Say for instance if it's a crypt, with lots of tombs, skeletons, etc. in it, then you would have to choose among rewards such as: +% dmg against undead, +% passive resistance to curses, +1 limit to summoned skeleton minions, etc. and then the dungeon of rot could go as: +% poison dmg inflicted, +% passive resistance to poison, summoned zombies do aoe poison cloud dmg when they die. mystical dungeon of gods? +% elemental damage with weapons/spells, +% passive res to elemental dmg, +% increase aura radius and/or +% aura effect The interesting part is that you can only choose one reward per glyph, and furthermore, the amount of glyphs you find in the game could be equal to the number of dungeons or maybe a little bit less, so you have to choose which dungeons to explore further, and which reward to choose from those dungeons (though you could use the glyphs to open the same dungeon more than 1 time, to get another of its reward, and perhaps be able to take the same reward a 2nd time too (maybe some could be picked only once, or otherwise each reward could be picked a maximum of 3 times). So you ask me, how about the co-op? Then here's another cool top tier feature for that: when you help a teammate, HE uses his glyph, and HE gets his reward at the end (and he should also be the only one making exp otherwise it would unbalance campaign), but if teammates follow him, then those teammates would receive champion points (something like that) for completing the raid. Champion points would be spent in mission mode to get champion raids "the raids where you raid like a champion". Rewards for these quests could be more rewards to choose from (you can never have too much), could go from unique reward items (but plz dont make unique items stronger than rare items, just make them have unique features that would make unique builds possible (like in, you know, path of exile )) to cosmetic effects. PS: these champion raids would provide XP only for the one who spent his champion points to open the raid. They got only one go though, if they die, they have to go back to find more champion points! So there, I hope this could be inspiring/helpful for top-tier content. I hope my ideas don't piss off anyone too, they're just ideas, and i welcome any1 to elaborate further more on it. peace
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    Dear Hellraid Fans

    Take your time guys, Hellraid will sell like warm buns if it's done right. Immersive, replayable first person hack and slash dungeon raider style? With skill points, tons of loot, specializations, hardcore mode and all? Damn! You guys are holding a gold mine right there. But plzzzzz just don't rush it.
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    Consequences Of Dying

    The way I see it Hellraid is the kind of game where there should be lots of consequences to dying. The game is a dungeon raider simulator; players should progress carefully, watch for traps, feel the danger at every corners, learn to pary their opponent's moves, etc. Each piece of loot should be compared for their advantage and disadvantage. Players should have to make weighty decisions on their builds, even very early on and each skill points should reflect it. Hellraid is most likely be a replayable game also, so getting punished for failing somewhere somehow, it's not like it's the end of the world really. Also the game will feature difficulties as I'm aware of, but i'd really like normal difficulty to be for veteran/serious players, hard difficulty to be like, you know, hard as the name says it, not just for newcomers but also for people who already played the game. The consequences of dying would change from difficulties, but i'd like harsh consequences just on normal already..! Cuz that's how the game should be meant to be played. Actually would be nice that if a player dies often, he would just find it impossible to keep progressing in the game. It's punishing, ok, but it's also an encouragement to restart over and try a new build, or the same but better. Now the only problem is not to be too much punishing and thus limiting the amount of viable builds as a result. A hardcore mode would be awesome too : ) Something that comes to my mind for dying would be: -Losing some progress by restarting at last checkpoint (could be called life shrine, or something in relation to dungeons or fitting with the lore/ambience in general). In co-op the dead player goes in spec mode until his mates get to a new life shrine. Note: when restarting, the player keeps all the drops he found but for example every mob he killed or chest he opened won't drop anything that time (same goes with the exp). Also he gets back his health pots and mana pots or whatever buffer he used before he died in that area. -But also add in some mecanism to make people not want to die at all. Never dying should not be rewarded because it's like making the most succesful players even more succesful. Living should be reward enough for those. But when dying, there should definitely be something bad about this. For that it's kind of hard to find something that will please everybody, so that's why it should change with every difficulties as said above. Perhaps a life orb system for normal difficulties and above, whereas if you run out of them you're permanently dead, or sent to mission mode until you get back new life orbs. they should be rewarded for quests and also as rare happy drops. there should be refund orbs too that comes with quests and rare drops I'll see if there's interesting stuff that comes to my mind about this... but I guess it's just better left in the hands of the devs because they know their game best after all, ha! : ) so peace
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    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    Also plz can we have some arousing stuff in Hellraid? for example, some parts of undead or demonic creatures females where we can see... unholy skin. thanks. and i await your feedback on this
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    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    More on mobs res: Zombies burns well. Burning a zombie with an attack/spell burns him big time and turns him into a pack of bones (and occasionally into a skeleton mob). On the other hand, zombies are quite resistant to cold. More on zombies: Bashing them with a blunt hit will "kill them", but there's a random chance they'll raise back again after they are dead. Cutting them and burning them is the way to go. Skeletons are vulnerable to cold (ice), their movement hinders, bones ceases articulating and cracks and break in pieces of ice. On the other hand, they are resistant to burning. Not to mention arrows and piercing damage in general. Big chupacabra minotaurs mocks fire and cold, but they dislike lightning. After all, they are dungeons-crawlers, they like the dark and they are not familiar with the thunder. But they are still big chupacabra beef, so lightning is not going to break them, just pack a bit more of a punch on them. (the ideas above are suggestions based on my logic which I hope is logic enough to most and fitting to the lore of Hellraid, it follows the (basic) ideas of my precedent post about mobs res) The reason to me why the emphasis on these features is really important is so that each builds have their own strenght and weakness, and no build can truly be perfect and breeze through the game. Some people will hate skeletons, some people will love em. Again, this encourages replayability, teamwork/roleplaying and just overall variety to the challenges. ahh...! how i wish i could work with you guys on this game, it surely must be a blast to work on this game! I hope my suggestions can inspire and if they are already in the content of the game then it's just great. a good continuation to all of you and have fun.
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    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    Amulets, rings BELTS: I've seen hellraiser post, whyyyyy no amulet and rings!!!!!! (AND beltss) riot!!!
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    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    Err alright i've tried reading most of the comments but there's just so many so I hope I don't repeat unecessary stuff. Here's the points I want to put through: About refunding points: Make it hard to refund points. I'd like something in the style of path of exile: you get limited, occasional refund points from quests and occasionally if lucky you can drop refund orbs. About specialization: I understand you get point to specialize in might, agility, intelligence. What i'd like and which might already be done is having to specialize into the weapon types (swords, axes..) and armor types (and shield) otherwise you get penalties; encumbrance penalties, damage penalties, speed, etc. And then you eventually end up having advantages. It's nice because you lock yourself in a certain type of build, it encourages replayability, roleplay/teamwork, and the like. More on this, being able to add points directly in life, mana and endurance pool, is nice. About Quests rewards: Please make it that you often have to choose a reward from a set of given rewards when you complete a quest, and make it often a passive reward, such as elemental resistances, more HP, more attack speed, etc. Mobs resistances: It's probably already in the game, but just to make sure: A skeleton gets bashed by a mace, but an arrow will not be very efficient. A big naked minotaur will get cut open by a 2 handed axe, but won't feel that staff much. Shields will get bashed by hammers. And the like. That means the wise hero specializes in a type of weapon, get strong with it, but still knows that there's stuff out there that won't be bluffed by his super monk staff skills, so if the wise hero is wise enough then he also knows that that 1 handed axe he carries around might come handy at times too. Attack system: I'd really like to see something in the style of mount and blade, where you swing depending on the mouse movement, and you can hold that swing and/or stop mid air. Also the down attack being a thrust. Attack modes would be good too, for weapons like the halberd for instance; to switch from axe/hammer side to the pointy side. Stealth: It's a hack and slash, right, but it would be great if you can actually stealth your way around and mess up the enemy that way. Sneaking, backstabbing, smoke bombs, temporary invisibility, etc. Summoning: Is summoning possible? Or charming creatures? It's just great to have zombies doing your bidding, you know. Demons are even more cool. Weapon elemental, spell effects: Could be cool to specialize into a weapon element of choice. Fire, ice, lightning, poison, etc. I'm thinking of path of exile again, where there are ways to convert your physical damage into elemental damage, and also there are ways to get secondary effects. I hit this zombie with my one handed mace, how about when I give him the death blow he catches on fire and all his other pals around too? Maybe chance based effect, critical based effect, death triggered effect, something etc. Would be cool if you guys come up with something around these lines. Hope you find some time to read this, thanks and peace!
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    Your Style Of Play In Hellraid?

    2 handed hammer beef style, swing and crush other beef thing's skulls.