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    FireNative reacted to Marta Kowalczyk in The Following Release Date   
    We know that you are getting a bit impatient about Dying Light: The Following. But, in our defense, The Following is a huge expansion pack. It's not only a new story and challenges, but also a new, big playable area, not to mention new guns, new ways to kill the zombies… And of course - the buggies! So, as you can see, we have a lot of things to work on, and trust us - we really want the results to be satisfying for you guys . Unfortunately, it takes some time, we admit it. We will keep you informed about any news. Thanks for your patience and have a great day!  
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    FireNative reacted to anxiousgamer in Make My Day A Whole Lot Better   
    Hello everyone! I don't normally make posts like these but I recently made a "Dying Light Funny Moments" video on YouTube and I just wanted to share it around with the community and maybe get a laugh out of a few people! I put quite a bit of time into editing this video and puttiing it together so it would mean the WORLD to me if you checked it out and let me know what you think! Thank you in advance!

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    FireNative reacted to Yasu Kanzawa in The Following?   
    Check out this link here: , hopefully it'll answer some questions you have about The Following.
    I know that you love /-d our game and we don't want to loose you, but hey, making patches and polishing the actual game is not an easy task. It takes time, resources and human work. It's just not that simple.
    We know you may feel annoyed and frustrated, but this DLC that is coming for you guys is big. And we'd prefer to give you a more polished product rather than one full of glitches.

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    FireNative reacted to Yasu Kanzawa in The Following?   
    We've passed on those reports of yours (mentioned "bugs") guys, and don't worry devs know about the issues. We're working on a new patch simultaneously with our new project - "The Following" and all i can say to you is that both will be released around the same time.

    Thanks for your support guys and for your patience. Stay tuned.
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    FireNative reacted to YourAverageZombie in Gre Anyone Know The User Name And Password?   
    Name: agent_crane 
    Password: saveharran 
    Have fun.
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    FireNative reacted to YourAverageZombie in Gre Anyone Know The User Name And Password?   
    Wat? it's case sensitive maybe. It definitely works.
    Again: The Username is agent_crane and the password is saveharran. It works. 
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    FireNative got a reaction from Special_donkey in Hello Techland, Are You Working On A Patch   
    What are you currently working on? A patch? If so, what is going to be in it? If not, then what are you guys, (and girls), working on? New maps, items,(real gold ones right?), dune buggies, side missions, spin off story missions, companion app tweaks?, ( I beat the last mission "The Tide" over 20 times and still didn't get the last item!) a sequel?
    Dying Light Community
    What do you guys want them to be working on? A patch that adds HUD toggling options? More side missions? New Maps? Double squat glitch fix? Extreme mode options to turn on and off options and adjust a 1-10 gauge to adjust other options? (1-10 zombie aggression, enemy HP, viral count, spitter count, etc.....)
    Do you want them to be working on a sequel? Remember, it will take them at least 2 years to make from start to finish, So if they start NOW it will be out at earliest by June of 2017, and this is considering that they can reuse assets, (parkour movements, building codes, NPC design, weapon design, some voice over, some HUD design, some story and side story elements, (change name, items, reward, and location but same mission, go fetch).  
    So I ask again, what do you guys want Techland to be working on NOW?
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    FireNative reacted to SoloCreep in Hud Options Need To Be Present For Users.   
    Volatile and Airsickhydra
    ---  Here are my answers and remember.. It could be an option to toggle off the HUD, not something everyone is forced into doing.. Go to the game options, and select - HUD ON/OFF - Keep that in mind as I answer the questions.
    How will we know how much HP we have? - Allowing us to plan for fights etc and estimating if fall damage will kill us. ANSWER - that's the point, we don't want to know.. BUT Rapid heartbeat is a indication of too much damage.  How will we locate waypoints? The game is based on traveling quite long distances. ANSWER - Survivor Sense shows waypoints. Also I pretty much know the maps by heart. Survivor Sense is still there if needed. How will players know to press X for example next to a child zombie? ANSWER - Because we have done it a thousands times before. Remember new people could still play with the HUD on.. Would we need to press start every time we want to know how many of an item we have? ANSWER - I can look in the inventory, If its an equipped equipment item, I open the round equipment selection wheel and can see the number.  How do you know if you have a repair left on your current weapon or not? ANSWER - A message tells you that you need to repair. We are talking about HUD icons, not prompts.. Besides that I can tell when my weapon is not working as it should. Also we have the weapon selection wheel that can tell us how far gone a weapon is. For awhile I played with a no HUD mod and this is how I know these answers. It sure made the game a lot more enjoyable. I am sick of hand holding. I am tired of the wallhacks. Its one of the things I hate about games like Far Cry3-4..
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    FireNative got a reaction from Chaos_Deception in All Members Please Read. Spam, Unrelated Posts.   
    Flag? Do you mean hit the "Report" button?
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    FireNative reacted to Chaos_Deception in All Members Please Read. Spam, Unrelated Posts.   
    Hello Community. 
    It seems the Bot Spam on Our Forums is less frequent than it has been in recent Months.
    But Occasionally we still have New Members Posting Content that is Unrelated to Dying Light or Gaming in General.
    If You see a Post that looks like it doesn't belong on the Forum. Please Flag it for Review, as it makes Offending Posts more Visible to the Moderators and Admin Team.
    Thank You for Your Time and Vigilance.    
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    FireNative reacted to sahfaree in Who Has The Bow?   
    Well that's dumb.
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    FireNative reacted to FLOOKYnWINSTON in Dying Light: Foxnews Zombie Coverage   
    I hope you enjoy, and thank you for the support!
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    FireNative reacted to Wolfman in Gold Weapons Dont Exist.   
    What do legit gold weapons in Dying Light have in common with Cupacabras, Bigfoot, Unicorns, Mermaids and The Lochness Monster?
    Take a guess!
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    FireNative reacted to mire1 in Holy chupacabra Holy Year Tunnel !   
    Maybe its locked because it is a gold weapon drop chest....and we must wait till the devs add REAL gold weapons in the game with the next update
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    FireNative reacted to FLOOKYnWINSTON in Dying Light: Storming Bowser's Castle   
    I hope you enjoy!
    Please note: no disrespect was intended to the following country residents: Italy, Germany, Sweden, China, Spain, Mexico, Georgia and Japan.
    No disrespect to those in the profession of plumbing, it is a job that, without it, we would not be living in civil, sanitary conditions.
    We are just stupid Americans
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    FireNative reacted to Prezdead in Bozak...9.99?   
    Ummm so why was the season pass $20? Cuz so far bozak seems to be the ONLY thing we've paid for.
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    FireNative reacted to Wolfman in Buff Guns. This Is Getting Ridiculous.   
    I'm sure this isn't needed, because I consider it a little obvious that the firearms need work. But here's a video:

    The weapons I was using were tailored with the standard damage output that the common rifle usually pertains. 
    Military Rifle: 137dmg
    Police Rifle: 184dmg
    Going exclusively for torso shots, it takes 28 rounds to down a single bandit using the automatic military rifle. Not good. 
    For the more powerful semi-automatic police rifle, it takes 11 rounds to down a single bandit. When you consider it's semi-automatic with only a twenty-round clip, this also is a problem.
    Pistols also could use a bit of a buff as well. 10 rounds from a German 9mm pistol with 233dmg should be overkill, but it isn't. It's adequate.   
    Bandits, thugs and virals shouldn't be able to eat bullets as if they're actually edible. Guns are too weak. I hope the bow doesn't suffer as well.
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    FireNative reacted to Michał Napora in Developer Tools Are Now Available To Download   
    Hi everyone, 
    Just a quick heads up - the Dying Light Developer Tools are now available on Steam. 
    Join us at for information, guidance, and to share your thoughts and suggestions. You can find them in the Dying Light Workbench right here:   So guys, download the tools, play around, and share what you made with us. Dying to see what comes out from you all.
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    FireNative reacted to Michał Napora in A Little Easter Egg That Not Many People Found   
    Hey guys, 
    Not sure if you are aware, but there is a phone number inside of Dying Light that actually works. A few people called it up, and left some messages on it. 
    Here is a short sample of what we've got:

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    FireNative reacted to sentinel_deco in A Little Easter Egg That Not Many People Found   
    Freaking awesome Techland. Have to found the number...
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    FireNative reacted to Michał Napora in Gold Weapons On Console, Broke?   
    Hey guys, 
    I can see that the Gold Weapons are creating a bit of a ruckus. Now, to all the console players out there - they do exist on the PS4 and Xbox One. They are definitely there. However, they are very hard to find/come by. 
    We are discussing the possibility of changing the odds of getting them to be stacked in your favor, ie making it a bit easier to find them, but I do guarantee that the Gold Weapons are definitely in the game.  
    Keep looking guys. They are out there.
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    FireNative reacted to No_Other_xD in Finally I Found A Gold Tier Weapon [Ps4+Video]   
    Fkng finally, hours and hours looking for this, dont give up guys

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    FireNative reacted to sentinel_deco in Hud Options Need To Be Present For Users.   
    its really funny to see so many ppl who didnt play with this handholding thingy. iam one of those players too... would be nice when techland add this settings into the options.
    this is how intense it could look like without hud:
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    FireNative reacted to thisguyy in Does Volatiles Have A Hivemind? And Can They Be Stealthkilled?   
    The night hunters cant be stelth killed tryed 1000 times