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  1. Dear Techland do you have any new content, (DLC) planned for the future or have your entire team moved on to the other game you accounced a year ago, (Hellraid) and moved on to making Dying Light 2? Do you have any monthly events planned? If you are finished with this game I would like to know so I can trade my game in so I can get my $5 from GameStop. Thanks for the great game can't wait for Dying Light 2. Hope to see some gameplay at E3 2017. Thanks Techland.
  2. Techland can you confirm that you currently don't have ANY plans to make new additional content for Dying Light? Techland can you confim that your team is mostly working on two new games?
  3. Techland can you say if you have ANY new content coming? 3 before the end of the year? 2? ANY?
  4. The community challenge is over 6 million since 2pm CDT. So if you log in you will receive your free weapon dockets and free gold paint job for your buggy. Prof
  5. FireNative

    Will There Be A New Expansion Soon?

    Techland gave a open letter of thanks to it's gamers for the feedback and support, (financial/buying the game), and said they are working on content for release in 16'. I would assume in winter of this year.
  6. FireNative

    Getting Xp For Legend Levels

    Same here "SomeOldDude" I upgraded my firearms to level 5 I think then you have to be level 20 to upgrade it further I think. My best gun a shotgun at 8950 is a one shot kill to ALMOST everything at point blank range
  7. I allways like happy endings, but either the nuclear explosion or the Kyle turning is the cannon ending. But mark my words the twin jerk brothers, (who I hate! I hate being talked to like that!), survived the brake through and WILL be in Dying Light 2. I called it 2/18/16. They went through and the tunnel collapsed behind them.
  8. I just got the buggy and I got a daily bounty called Bullseye, which is in Old Town to shoot targets with arrows. How do i go back to Old Town?
  9. FireNative

    Feast Of The Admins Details

    This February 9th?
  10. I read that Deep Silver pulled Developer Yager away from Dead Island 2. I also heard that they gave development to you Techland. Is that true? Techland I am asking you.
  11. FireNative

    The Following?

    Will the following have Duel Weapon Welding?
  12. FireNative

    New Teaser Trailer
  13. FireNative

    What's This Weekend For?

    Don't feel bad Dying Light community. I monitor "The Division" 's official forum, Dying Light's, Hyper Light Drifter's, River City Ransom Underground's Twitter, kickstarter, and forum's, and Dying Light's developers do the best at responding on the forum. Hyper Light Drifter's Website, kickstarter, Facebook, twitter, and forum is a joke. ABSOLUTLY no info is given on ANY of these sites. The official twitter feed of the main guy developing the game NEVER talks about the game on his official Hyper Light Drifter's twitter! And the game is suppose to come out this summer or by the end of the year, (which they said last year). The Division at least answers some questions with mods on their official forum, or they ask the developer directly if the question is deemed important enough. The Division use's their twitter very well updating constantly new info, and use's Reddit for AMA's. River City Ransom Underground is sad, they used to update their kickstarter on the first of the month every month on a status report, the last one was done on March 1, (4 MONTHS AGO!), yes very sad indeed. On their kickstarter the backers are the only one's that are allowed to comment and they ask every few days for the developers to answer questions on status reports and the developers have said several times, "don't give up on us just yet", "we are still working hard", "don't worry". Sad indeed. Just tell us if the game is even coming out, are you still working on it, what have you done in the last 4 months, the rights to the game were bought out by a new company, will they allow you to make the game. Very said indeed.
  14. FireNative

    What's This Weekend For?

    I have found from monitoring several official forums that Video game forums even when officially set up by the developer or publisher is just a place for people on the internet to bring information and ask questions. Very rarely do developers or publishers answer question on the forum or disseminate the latest information. They generally use twitter as the largest and fastest way to break new info on their product. I thought The Official Forum for a game would have the developer and/or publisher giving out the latest info for us, (the game in question's fan base), to allow us to spread the word through Facebook, twitter, YouTube,and any other means. I was wrong. We have to look at Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and other outlets, (, and find the latest info and then bring it here to the community. Yes sad.
  15. According to IGN, July 4-5, you will have unlimited grappling hook use with "almost" no fall damage, called "Spider Crane" July 11-12, called Harran Marathon, (more details coming) July 15-16 (no details at this time) August 15-16 (no details at this time) August 22-23 (no details at this time) August 29-30 (no details at this time)