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  1. ya. i think theyre working on part two. it has to come.
  2. sentinel_deco

    New Update

    an indeep patchnote is needed here.
  3. sentinel_deco

    Has Dying Light Gotten Harder? Did I Miss Anything?

    if you dont spend many skill point the game gets harder. deactivate the hud and play it on nightmare.
  4. sentinel_deco

    Nightmare Difficulty, New Game Required?

    awesooooome. now we are talking... this is it. thank you so much for this mode.
  5. sentinel_deco

    Nightmare Difficulty, New Game Required?

    so what exactly are the difference between the lower difficulty? will the be a stamina bar/usage for climbing now? thx.
  6. the upcoming dlc in february 2k16? Will there be a no radar option for the hunter mode for the thrill? ^^
  7. sentinel_deco

    Techland Are You Ever Going To Fix Multiplayer?

    developers or publishers arent interested in making games which last long without money income. especially on mplayer games. fixing and other costs are too immense for letting their server online all the time. thats a reason why other companys of other multiplayergames release so many dlc to pay their expensive bills e.g. serverscosts, production, fixcosts and wage of the programer has to be covered by money income. the moneypool depletes after a period of time. no money, no service. iam not quite sure if techland will ever fix it. cause its been a long time now without giving a sound about it.
  8. sentinel_deco

    Techland Are You Ever Going To Fix Multiplayer?

    why do they suck. techland did a really good job by making this game. i like it alot.
  9. sentinel_deco

    Fix Your Game Techland Enough Is Enough

    buying a game and complaining about it isnt a solution. you shouldnt buyed it dasorrow.
  10. sentinel_deco

    Hud Options Need To Be Present For Users.

    its about time
  11. sentinel_deco

    Be The Zombie Is A Diamond In The Rough !

    the problem would be solved by lowering the instinctview range or removing the instinctview from the survivor and make the hunter only visible on the radar when the hunter screams for maybe 5 seconds. survivor couldnt see the hunter comin on the radar so he couldnt prepare himself by facing in the direction of the hunter to uv flash him. problem solved.
  12. AFAIK showing more geometry in the field of view will reduce the performance. since the consoleversion is running at limit, especially on the bridge with 100 zombons will thedeveloper add a changeble FOV in the options, like it is in GTA5 in near future with a patch?
  13. sentinel_deco

    A Little Easter Egg That Not Many People Found

    Freaking awesome Techland. Have to found the number...
  14. sentinel_deco

    Grappling Hook Ruins The Game

    since when do you use only white or green weapons. didnt read it... seems a new solution for you, huh? when it comes to intelligence: do not use your skills above novice level ingame if you want a harder gameplay mechanic even if its not the point of the game. problem solved.